This method was discovered by Taz from the official Archeland Global discord. All credits goes to him. As for the most recent translation updates, do check the Discord and the #translation channel there - and thanks to Misteltein for gathering them and keeping the files updated!

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We don't know what's the official stance of the developers in regard to patching the game with the method described below - it doesn't impact the game play, so it should not get anyone banned. We will try to get a confirmation from them and will update the guide then!

Also, this method works only for the PC client - not for mobile or emulators.

Before and after

This guide will help you go from this:

English patch
English patch

To this:

English patch
English patch

What you need

The english patch works only on the PC client, so you will need to download it first. Then, you will also need to download the XUnity AutoTranslator tool that actually allows you to play with the English patch. You can get both from the links below:

If the direct links stop working for whatever reason, go to the official KR website for Archeland to download the PC client from there and for the XUnity tool, here's a link to their GitHub.

What's next?

First, install the game, let it full patch and launch it just to make sure everything works correctly. Then, extract the XUnity AutoTranslator.

Next, copy the extracted file with the name SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator.exe to the folder where you installed Archeland. For example if you installed the game on your C drive, the path would look like this: C:\Archeland\client\ - make sure to copy paste the file into the client folder, not the main one.

It should look like this:

English patch

Next, simply double click on the SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator.exe file. This window will open, but after pressing any button, it will vanish.

English patch

Now your client folder should look like this:

English patch

Next, double click on the newly created ArcheLand (Patch and Run) shortcut. Once the game loads to the notes screen, close the client.

The next step involves making some small changes to one of the configuration files that came with the XUnity AutoTranslator tool. Navigate to the Archeland\client\AutoTranslator folder and there open the config.ini with a Notepad (right click on the file, then select Open With and pick Notepad).

It will look like this:

English patch

Now replace the current Service and General Sections with this:

Save the file.

Next, download a few additional files created by the community that fix some of the translations. You can get the file from here, but it's being constantly updated, so check our Discord to get the latest version.

Last updated: 13.01.2023

Download Corrections files

Extract the file and copy the txt files found inside to this folder: Archeland\client\AutoTranslator\Translation\en\Text

Now you are ready to play! Simply launch the game using the ArcheLand (Patch and Run) shortcut. Enjoy!