About the event

The Christmas event started on the 21.12.2022 and will end on the 30.12.2022. Still, you only need to participate in 5 days out of the 10 available to obtain all possible rewards.

To enter the event screen, head to the Events screen, then enter the Limited tab and scroll down till you find this event: here:


Press the Shortcut button to open the event screen, which will look like that:


Since the auto-translation tool isn't working on this event, we've added circles with numbers to the most important sections of the screen and will explain now what each of it does.

Circle 1

Here's a list of the rewards you can obtain from the event. The rewards are tied to the points you can obtain from the mini-game (more about it later).

  • 200 Points - 50k Gold
  • 500 Points - 2x Divine Key
  • 900 Points - 50x SSR Rune piece
  • 1200 Points - 3x Heavenly Key
  • 1500 Points - 1x SSR Shadow of Time

Shadow of Time is the rarest 'universal dupe' item as it can be only used on Unique Weapons for characters. So make sure to get it!

Circle 2

List of daily quests. We don't know if each day will have the same quests but for day 1 they looked like that:

  • Login to the game
  • Clear 1 Dimensional Rift stage
  • Clear 1 Random Encounter

Each finished daily quest gives you 1 chance to play the mini-game.

Circle 3

Event rules can be found here.

Circle 4

This will open a tab with Special Achievements.


Every day you will have a certain task to finish to obtain additional rewards. For day 1, you just need to play the mini-game once and earn max possible score there (100) and as a reward you will obtain a Snowman. You have to manually open the Snowman in your Bag to get a reward (for me it was 50 Diamonds - not sure if the rewards are random or fixed).

List of daily achievements:

  • Day 1: gain 100 points in a mini-game
  • Day 2: finish the mini-game in under 30s
  • Day 3: in the first 3 pairs, you need to find Richard or Ibn Attare
  • Day 4: find a pair of cards on the first try
  • Day 5: obtain only 10 points in a mini-game
Circle 5

Sweep button. It unlocks once you earn 100 points in the mini-game, you don't have to play it again and can simply sweep it to obtain max score.

Circle 6

Start mini-game button. This will show you for 1-2 seconds all the cards on the boards before hiding them. Then you need to find all possible pairs - and you have 1 minute to do it. Basically this is the very well known Memory game that uses the characters from Archeland.

A tip! If you're playing on PC, you can make a screenshot using the PRTSCN button on your keyboard and then paste it in Paint (using CTRL+V shortcut) - this will make the mini-game a lot easier.

How to play

The flow for this event is pretty simple:

  • Finish the daily missions to obtain 3 mini-game entries
  • Play the mini-game (make a screenshot of the board if Memory games aren't your thing)
  • If you earned 100 points, you can Sweep the 2 remaining entries without the need to play the mini-game manually

Still, we can't be sure if you will need to unlock the Sweep button every day by playing the mini-game once.

Since the last reward requires 1500 points, this means you only need 5 days of earning the max score to obtain all the rewards.