What are traits?

Traits are one of the ways to make your character stronger - they are skill and passives that you can unlock using Gemstones, Gold and a special currency called Revelation Stones. You can access the trait system screen from your character profile:


Then, you will see this screen:


Each character will have 3 paths available to them, filled with active skills and passive. To make it easier, let's call them top, middle and bottom. The middle path you will fully unlock 'for free' as you will only need to gather Gold and various Gemstones to unlock the skills and passive there. But in case of the bottom and top paths, you will also need a very rare currency called Revelation Stones (for SR and lower rarity characters) and Pure Revelation Stones (for SSR characters).

You will obtain 4 Pure Revelation Stones/Revelation Stones in total as you level a character from level 1 to 60 (at 15, 30, 45, and 60). And with those 4 stones, you will be able to fully max either the bottom or the top path.

So, how do you unlock the skills and passive from the other path? You can obtain Universal Pure Revelation Stones that you can use on any SSR character from:

  • Guild Shop - you need to buy 10 Fragments and they will combine into a Pure Revelation Stone,
  • Fame Shop - you can buy 1 Pure Revelation Stone a month there,
  • Cash shop - sometimes packs have Pure Revelation Stones in them,
  • Events - the main source of the stones - usually you can get at least one from an event.

As you can see, monthly you will be only able to get a few of the Stones, so this makes choosing the right path to invest into crucial. As you will only use the Stones on the strongest characters in game, to make them even stronger.

Important! Once you use a stone, you can't reset your choice. It's gone. Still, even if you already used the first stone the game gave on the 'wrong path' it's not the end of the world as you can use the other stones on the second path. And in the future (since it will some time to reach level 60) you can obtain some Universal Stones and fix your 'mistake'.

Also, keep mind that while I've used the term wrong path - there is no wrong choice here, as each path pushes your character into a different specialization. Both paths are playable and they won't brick your character - plus, you can 'fix' it with Universal Stones.

Paths suggestions

In the below section we will review both paths for each character and give suggestion to either go bottom or top. Some characters will be missing, because we need to get our hands on them to reveal all traits - the ingame Codex somehow doesn't show the Traits if you don't own the character. So if you have a character that's missing information here, catch us on Discord and share screenshots from her bottom/top skills and we will update the table.

Starter characters

Keep in mind that starter character use unique Stones that you will get for free from the Dimension mode. So for them, picking the path is only important in the early game.

R rarity characters

R rarity characters compared the every other rarity, only have one major node in their top and bottom paths - but you still need 4 stones per path to max the path.

SR rarity characters
SSR rarity characters