Alliance Exercise

The Alliance Exercise is a limited time boss that appears periodically, usually once a month and will be active for one week. When the boss is active, members of an alliance can fight it on a daily basis in order to obtain upgrade materials and, most importantly, Backup Energy.

In addition to personal rewards that a player can get from defeating the boss, members of the same alliance will also be able to claim additional rewards based on how many times the boss has been defeated by their alliance as a whole.

You can navigate to the Alliance Exercise screen via the Home Screen or the Alliance Screen.

Alliance Exercise

While the Alliance Exercise is active, you will be given 1 free challenge attempt every day. 2 additional challenge attempts can be purchased each day as well for 6 Intel Codex each, for a total of 3 challenge attempts per day. Additional challenge attempts can be purchased by tapping on the “+” sign on the upper left hand side of the Alliance Exercise screen.

Note that your challenge attempts for the day will reset back to 1 at the daily reset time. This means that any unused challenge attempts from the previous day will be lost, so make sure you use up all of your challenge attempts for the day before the daily reset.

At the bottom left of the screen is a list of missions that your alliance as a whole can work towards. Rewards from these missions can be claimed by every member of the Alliance once they have been completed.

The missions consist of two types; first clear missions and cumulative boss clear missions.

  • The first clear missions can be completed when one member of the Alliance defeats the boss at each difficulty for the first time. For example, if an alliance member defeats the easy difficulty stage for the first time, then all members of the Alliance will be able to claim the reward for that mission.
  • The cumulative boss clear missions count how many times your entire Alliance has defeated the boss at any difficulty. Once the required number of clears have been achieved, then the whole Alliance will be able to claim the rewards from these missions
Alliance Exercise

The Alliance Exercise has 4 difficulty stages; Easy, Normal, Hard, and EX. You will be able to challenge the easy difficulty stage when the boss becomes active and will need to defeat the previous boss difficulty stage in order to unlock the next one. For example, you will need to defeat the easy difficulty stage boss to unlock the normal difficulty stage, normal to unlock hard, and so on.

When you tap on a boss stage, you will have the option to do a mock battle or an official battle. Mock battles do not consume your daily challenge attempt while official battles will. If you are unsure about whether or not your team can defeat the boss, you can use the mock battle feature to test out your team against the boss prior to challenging it for real.

The boss is a Red Attribute Boss. There are no mobs accompanying it. The main thing to watch out for this boss is that it will always target the unit with the highest attack when using its single target attacks. The higher difficulty stages will also have the boss apply a permanent, uncleansible Defense Down debuff on your whole team, so make sure that your DPS is tanky enough to survive the boss’ attacks.

Alliance Exercise

Recommended Team

  • Like most Red Bosses in the game, the tried and true Centaur team can take down the Alliance Exercise as well.
  • Make sure to speed tune your team, so that Chihaya or your Defense Breaker goes first, followed by Alice.
  • Morris can be replaced with another DPS if you are looking to burst down the boss in one or two cycles.
  • Alternative DPS options to replace Ginga and/or Morris:
    • Lila
    • Shura
    • Ghost
  • Chihaya can be replaced with any other blue or red unit that can apply Defense Down such as Nio, Foxy, or Goya.