Artery Gears (AGs) have a level range from 1 to 60 and gain stats as they level up. The max level for an AG depends on the number of stars they have. All units can be upgraded to 6 stars and level 60.

The formula to calculate the max level of an AG is (# of stars * 10).

Rank-Up Bonus (Imprint)

AG Duplicates can be used to increase their ranking up to rank 6. Each rank increase comes with a permanent stat boost, which differs between AGs.

Unit Progression

Depending on the rarity of the AG, they will also give a stat boost to the other team members at specific ranks. The boosted stat varies depending on the AG.

  • 3 Star AG: Rank 3 and 6
  • 4 Star AG: Rank 2 and 5
  • 5 Star AG: Rank 1 and 4

Note that there are two fodder units that can be used as a universal duplicate.

  • One can be used as a universal duplicate for any 4 star AG,
  • One can be used as a universal duplicate for any 5 star AG,
  • Both the 4 star and 5 star universal duplicate fodder units can be purchased from the seasonal Arena shop [limited to 1 per season (3 months length)],
  • The 5 star universal duplicate fodder unit is purchasable at the duplicate shop using currency that you can only obtain by retiring natural 5 star AGs.

Limit Break

Limit Break is a system responsible for increasing the amount of stars your AG can obtain, with a maximum of 6.

Unit Progression

AGs can make use of limit breaking once they've reached the highest amount of stars that's obtainable depending on their current Level.

For example, a three-star AG can exceed the current limit once she reaches Level 30.

To limit break an AG, you will need:

  • fodders, equal to the amount of your current stars,
  • all fodders must have the same amount of stars as the AG you're trying to limit break,

For example, to be able to limit break a 3 star AG you will need to feed her 3 x 3 star fodders whereas a 4 Star AG requires 4 x 4 star fodders.

Note: if you use AG duplicates to limit break themselves, it will also increase their rank equal to the amount of duplicates being used.

Tech Node

Tech Nodes are permanent stat boosts that require Node Chips of the same colour as the AG you're trying to upgrade (Red, Blue, Green).

There are 6 nodes in total, one for every 10 levels, which sequentially become upgradeable as the level of your AG increases.

Unit Progression

Once the third node has been unlocked, it will upgrade one or more of your skills and unlock the ability to upgrade that skill even further with the use of Skill Chips.


AGs can make use of 3 skills during combat. These are commonly referred to as S1, S2, and S3. S1 is the left skill, S2 is the middle skill, and S3 is the right skill.

You will be able to upgrade individual skills after unlocking the third node.

Unit Progression

To upgrade a skill, you will need Skill Chips of the corresponding rarity.

  • Natural 3 star AG require Blue Skill Chips
  • Natural 4 star AG require Purple Skill Chips
  • Natural 5 star AG require Gold Skills Chips

Where to get the Skill Chips?

Blue Skill Chips can be farmed from Normal Story Stages and the Asura Event Stages.

Purple Skill Chips can be farmed from Hard Story Stages and all event stages except for the Asura event. The best place to farm Purple Skill Chips are the event stages.

Gold Skill Chips can be purchased from various shops. One can also be obtained by completing the weekly missions.

Gold Skill Chips are hard to come by, so spend them wisely when upgrading your 5 star AG skills.

While skill upgrade priority varies depending on the AG, the general rule of thumb is:

  • Upgrade the most powerful/essential skill until hitting a cooldown reduction node, if it has one.
  • Upgrade the second most powerful/essential skill until hitting a cooldown reduction node, if it has one.
  • If your AG has an important debuff (i.e. Defense Down) and is able to reach 100% proc rate through skill upgrades, you should prioritize that skill until reaching said proc rate.

Unique Equipment (UE)

AGs are able to unlock their unique equipment after reaching level 50 and unlocking their 5th tech node.

A UE will provide minor stat boosts to two or three of her stats, as well as upgrade one of her skills with additional effect(s) and/or provide a new passive skill.

Unit Progression

Each UE starts at Level 1 and can be upgraded to Level 30. Materials can be acquired from the Daily Resource Stage, Story Normal as well as Story Hard Mode.

It takes around 76 days and roughly 1.5 million gold to upgrade one UE to Level 30, so plan carefully ahead which UE’s you want to invest in for an upgrade.

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