General Tips

Game Setting

If your device can handle it, we recommend changing the FPS setting to 60 FPS for a much smoother gaming experience.


We recommend joining a guild as soon as possible. Being in a guild gives you access to a Guild Boss and the Guild Shop, both of which provide you with useful resources.

Game Currencies/Material

This game has a lot of upgrade materials and currencies. If you need help figuring out how to obtain either, you can always click on the "Guide" icon next to your player name on the top left of your home screen. This will open an in-game help menu with a list of all the upgrade materials and currencies in the game and where you can obtain them from.

Daily Resource Stages

The catball and gold resource stages have a once-per-day bonus. We recommend only completing them when the daily bonus is active, which increases the rewards. Without the bonus, the rewards for completing these stages are not worth the stamina.

Starter Missions

Right from the start, there are two different beginner mission sets that you have access to. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with gear and materials to aid with your early progression.

Rookie Mission

  • Most of these missions can be completed by progressing through the story or upgrading your units.
  • Note that you will need to complete all of the missions in the previous mission step before the next one unlocks.
  • Prioritize completing missions that reward gear. The mission gear set will help you progress through the early phases and will help you against early Target Elimination stages to farm even better gear.

Queen Mission

A long-term, grindy mission set that rewards you with a 6-star attack gear set that remains useful even in the late game. The fastest theoretical completion time is 6 days due to its time-gated nature.

Story Progression

You should try to progress through as much story as you can early on, which unlocks important game functions and systems.

A good stopping point is Story Stage 5-10. where you unlock everything except the Dark Zone, which you can unlock after completing Story Stage 6-10.

If your team is strong enough, you can alternatively try to push up to Story Stage 6-10. If you clear Stage 6-10 along with the rest of the Stage 3 Rookie Missions, then you will be able to unlock Stage 4 where you can get a complete 6 star purple Crit Chance Set after 6 starring an AG.

Note that there are two other game functions that will unlock based on your Commander Level rather than story progression.

These two functions are Guild and Raid Boss:

  • The Guild function will unlock at Commander Level 30,
  • The Raid Boss function will unlock at Commander Level 45.

Target Elimination aka Hunts

Target Elimination contains bosses that you’re able to farm to acquire high-rarity gear and unlock after clearing Story Stage 2-8.

Each boss has nine difficulty stages. The higher and more difficult the stage, the greater rarity of gear you can acquire. You will need to defeat the boss on the previous difficulty stage in order to unlock the next difficulty stage.

If you're just starting out, focus on beating the Centaur and Harpist bosses first.. A good first stopping point is Centaur Stage 7 and Harpist Stage 7 where 6 star gear starts dropping. Once completed, try to work your way towards beating Centaur Stage 8, followed by Harpist Stage 8, and Harpist Stage 9.

Once your main team has a solid set of Speed and Crit Chance gear, you can consider farming the Octopus boss for Crit Damage and Action sets. This boss is more challenging than others and requires a well-geared team.

It is not recommended to farm the Iron Maiden boss as the gear sets it drops are too niche or have better alternatives.

ONLY farm Stage 7 and above for all bosses. Don’t waste your stamina farming any stage lower than 7, as they do not drop 6 star gear.

The main two bosses that are recommended for gear farming purposes are the Centaur and Harpist bosses. Both will drop all the gear sets that you really need. You can add the Octopus boss into your farming rotation later on as well.

Check our guide that will help you farm the Hunts early:

Alienated Waypoint (AW)

Alienated Waypoint is a series of special challenge stages that unlock after clearing Story Stage 3-6. It is divided into 15 floors with five stages each.

Every cleared stage will reward blue vial currency that can be exchanged for useful materials in the AW shop. Try to clear as many stages as you can before the weekly reset, as there is a weekly floor reset.

After every weekly floor reset, the game will sweep all floors up to the second highest you have cleared since the start of the game. There is a reminder text in the Alienated Waypoint screen that will tell you which floor you will be reset to.

Upon reset, you will be able to claim blue vial currency as a reward in the Alienated Waypoint screen. The amount you receive is based on the floor you were reset back to. The higher the floor number, the more blue vial currency you will receive.

Lava Cracks

Lava Cracks is a special challenge stage that unlocks after clearing Story Stage 5-9. This mode consists of 100 floors and is a one-time challenge. You will receive rewards such as gold, crystals, and skill chips for clearing stages in this mode.

Try to clear as many stages as you can after unlocking Lava Cracks before the end of every month.

In the Lava Cracks screen, you will be able to claim rewards based on the number of stages you have cleared. You need to have cleared all 100 stages in the previous month to receive the entire reward, and it's enough to do this only once. You will then be able to claim all the rewards every month without having to go through the stages again.


The Dispatch System allows you to send a team of AGs on a timed expedition, which will reward you with currency upon their return. This function unlocks after clearing Story Stage 3-3.

To send out a dispatch team, you will need to fill the team with AG’s that meet that dispatch’s conditions. Each dispatch will have an optional condition that you can fulfill to obtain extra resources. Don’t fret about it if you can't fulfill the optional conditions. Fulfilling it will only net you 1 extra unit of the resource that dispatch rewards you with. If you don't want to manually select which AGs go into the dispatch team, you can use the auto-form button.

AGs sent out on dispatch can still be used normally throughout other parts of the game.

Upon unlocking the Dispatch function, you will only gain access to the gold reward expeditions. However, as you clear more story stages, longer dispatches and different currencies will be unlocked.

The currencies available are gold, blue vial currency, arena coins, and guild coins.

It is recommended that you focus on arena coin dispatches early on, as the income at lower arena ranks is not sufficient enough.

Once you have climbed to roughly 4000 arena points, you can switch over to focus on the blue vial currency dispatches. The blue vial currency is used to purchase gear XP chips and is the best way to "farm" gear XP chips.