Acquiring Fodders

3 star fodders are able to drop from story and event stages.

The most efficient way to obtain fodders however, is by farming event stages. Depending on your needs, you can run either.

  • The highest non-boss, non-EX event stage that you can do
    • This method typically has the best stamina to fodder rate, but lower event currency and unit XP gain rates.
  • The highest event EX stage you can complete
    • This method has the best event currency and unit xp gain rates, but lower stamina to fodder rates.

In general, it is better to run EX-3 unless you only want to farm for fodder and don’t care about unit XP gain or event currency efficiency.

4 star and 5 star fodders are primarily acquired via event rewards and the guild shop. There is a weekly mission that will reward you with a 4 star fodder for completing it as well.

Leveling Fodders


The most efficient way to level fodders is to use a team comp that consists of: 1 AoE Attacker and 3 Fodders, and farm the highest event EX stage that you can complete the offline auto battle with.

Here's a list of recommended AoE Attackers for leveling fodders:

  • Grace, if the event has primarily blue and red enemies,
  • Zero Four, if the event has primarily green enemies,
  • Expensive option: Milvus against all enemy types.

Note that this method also works for powerleveling regular AGs.

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