Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arms Cross is Artery Gear: Fusion’s new collab event and features the Frame Arm Girls from Kotobukiya.

Once again, the collab will bring with it 3 new units: Gourai, Stylet, and Baselard. Gourai is obtainable for free by completing the event while Stylet and Baselard will be obtainable from their respective pickup banners. All 3 of these units will only be obtainable while the collab event is active.


Disclaimer: All information in this guide is based on the JP and CN version of the Frame Arm Girls collab event. Some details may be different for the Global version of the event. Any discrepancies will be corrected as soon as possible.

Event stages

The event stages for this event are pretty simple, consisting of the usual story stages plus 3 EX stages. However, do note that there is no farmable event currency for this event. While there is an event shop, it functions differently than the regular event shop. See the Event Shop section for more details.

Instead, the reward track for this event will come in the form of a point accumulation milestone reward track. If you are familiar with the reward track that was active during the Story Chapter 8 release period, then this one will be similar to that one. For those who are not familiar with this system, it boils down to you accumulating points by completing certain in-game activities such as spending stamina or fighting PvP matches to earn points. Once you reach specific point milestones, you will be able to claim the rewards for that point milestone.

Methods for earning points are listed below:

  • Spend stamina - 1 stamina = 10 points
  • Alienated Waypoint - 1 stage cleared = 200 points
  • PvP - 1 PvP Match = 60 points
  • Raid Boss - 1 Battle = 300 points
  • Guild Boss - 1 Battle = 300 points

*Clearing a stage for the first time will reward an additional 10% point bonus.

When clearing the EX stages for this event, you can also gain a point multiplier bonus by using the characters that are involved in the event story which are the Frame Arm Girls units and the Spider Service units.

The point multiplier is as follow:

  • Stylet - 50% multiplier
  • Baselard - 50% multiplier
  • Gourai - 20% multiplier
  • Feidy - 20% multiplier
  • Cindy - 20% multiplier

The point multiplier is additive, so for example if your team includes both Stylet and Baselard, then you will have a 100% point multiplier.

Note that this point multiplier ONLY applies to points earned from clearing the event EX stages.


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