Every AG is able to equip gear that further boosts their stats.

All of them have 6 gear slots, each one corresponding to one of 6 gear types (gun, core, plate, thruster, scope, chip).

Gear Guide

The main stats for the gun, core, and plate are fixed:

  • Gun: Flat ATK
  • Core: Flat HP
  • Plate: Flat DEF

The main stats for the thruster, scope, and chip are randomised and will be determined upon receiving the gear. Possible main stat rolls for each gear piece are the following:

  • Thruster: Speed, Flat ATK, ATK %, Flat HP, HP %, Flat DEF, DEF %
  • Scope: Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Flat ATK, ATK %, Flat HP, HP %, Flat DEF, DEF %
  • Chip: Effectiveness, Effect Resist, Flat ATK, ATK %, Flat HP, HP %, Flat DEF, DEF %
Gear Guide

Each gear piece has a main stat and 0 to 4 substats, a star level ranging from 1 to 6, and a rarity level ranging from white > green > blue > purple > gold.

The star level determines the minimum and maximum value for the gear’s main and substats.

The higher the star level, the larger the minimum and maximum value.

The rarity level determines how many substats the gear has:

  • White: 0 substat
  • Green: 1 substat
  • Blue: 2 substats
  • Purple: 3 substats
  • Gold: 4 substats

Substats also come with their own rarity level, ranging from green > blue > purple > gold.

  • Values for every Substat are randomised upon receiving the gear. The minimum and maximum values are dependent on the substat rarity.
    • Green substats have the lowest minimum and maximum values,
    • Gold substats have the highest minimum and maximum values.
  • Note that the value range for substats is also dependent on the star level of your gear piece.

Acquiring Gear

Gear Guide

Fodder gear (1 and 2 stars) can be acquired through story and event stages.

Gear that is part of a gear set (3 to 6 stars) is acquired through Target Elimination.

Each Target Elimination boss drops unique gear sets specific to them.

  • Centaur Boss: Speed, Effectiveness, Effect Resist Sets
  • Maiden Boss: Attack, Defense, HP Sets
  • Harpist Boss: Counter, Immunity, Crit Rate Sets
  • Octopus Boss: Crit Damage, Lifesteal, Action Sets

Recommended farming stages for common gear set combinations that you have to farm different bosses for:

  • Speed Set / Crit Rate Set - Centaur Stage 7, Centaur Stage 8, Harpist Stage 9
  • Speed Set / HP Set - Centaur Stage 7, Centaur Stage 8, Maiden Stage 9
  • Speed Set / Action Set - Octopus Stage 7, Centaur Stage 8, Centaur Stage 9
  • Attack Set / Crit Rate Set - Maiden Stage 7, Maiden Stage 8, Harpist Stage 9
  • Crit Damage Set / Crit Rate Set - Octopus Stage 7, Octopus Stage 8, Harpist Stage 9

A tip for gear farming

If your goal is just to farm for gear with good substats, then the best stage to farm for all bosses is Stage 7.

The reason for this is that, out of all of the stages that drop 6 star gear, Stage 7 has the lowest stamina cost to run, though note that the stamina cost is tied with Stage 8. However, Stage 7 is considered the better stage to farm due to the fact that it drops the power system and the shield system gears. Since the main stat for these two gear slots will always be Flat HP and Flat DEF respectively, the chances of you getting Flat HP or Flat DEF as a substat for gears farmed in Stage 7 is lower than in Stage 8, as a gear piece cannot have the same stat as its main stat and one of its substats.

This means that the substats for a power system gear can never be flat HP and the substats for a shield system gear can never be flat DEF. Due to the way that a unit's ATK, HP, and DEF values gained from gear are calculated, flat value substats are generally worse than percentage value substats. As such, being able to reduce your chances of getting a flat value substat, especially HP and DEF, which are both subpar substats, will give you a higher chance of obtaining gear with good substats.

Enhancing gear

To enhance a gear piece, you will need to either:

  • Use fodder gear of the same gear type (i.e. a gun can only be used to upgrade another gun),
  • Use a green XP chip for the gun, core, plate, and thruster, or a blue XP chip to upgrade the scope and chip.

Substats for a gear piece will unlock upon hitting a certain enhancement level. Gear can be enhanced up to +15.

  • 1st substat slot unlocks at +3
  • 2nd substat slot unlocks at +6
  • 3rd substat slot unlocks at +10
  • 4th substat slot unlocks at +15

Substat Upgrade

Substats on gear can be upgraded via the research ship.

Gear Guide

Only 6 star gold rarity gear can have its substats upgraded, and only gear with 2 or fewer gold substats can have their substats upgraded. Note that the upgraded substat is random.

In order to upgrade a substat, you will need the following materials: Gold, Gear Cog, Red Blueprint, and Target Elimination Boss Material.

  • Gear Cog can be obtained via the arena shop.
  • Red Blueprint can be obtained from the Raid Boss and via random drops from Target Elimination bosses.
  • Target Elimination Boss Material can be obtained by selling 6 star gold rarity gear with at least one gold substat.

When a substat is upgraded, the rarity increases by 1 (i.e. a blue substat will become a purple substat, a purple substat will become a gold substat).

The type of gear cog and boss material needed depends on the gear you are trying to upgrade the substat for.

Gear Cog required depends on how many gold substats the gear already has:

  • 0 Gold Substat: Small Gear Cog
  • 1 Gold Substat: Medium Gear Cog
  • 2 Gold Substat: Large Gear Cog

Target Elimination Boss material required depends on the gear set:

  • Speed, Status ACC, Status Resist Set - Centaur Boss Material
  • Attack, Defense, HP Set - Maiden Boss Material
  • Riposte, Immunity, Crit Chance Set - Harpist Boss Material
  • Crit Damage, Lifesteal, Counter Action Set - Octopus Boss Material

The material cost for upgrading the substat depends on how many gold substats the gear already has:

  • 0 Gold Substat: 50,000 Gold, Small Gear Cog, 60 of the Corresponding Boss Material, 5 Red Blueprints
  • 1 Gold Substat: 100,000 Gold, Medium Gear Cog, 240 of the Corresponding Boss Material, 15 Red Blueprints
  • 2 Gold Substat: 200,000 Gold, Large Gear Cog, 900 of the Corresponding Boss Material, 60 Blueprints

There is a QoL function On the CN/JP servers, whereby upgrading a gear substat always upgrades the lowest rarity substat first. (i.e. If a gear has 2 blue and 2 purple substats, then it will always upgrade one of the 2 blue substats. It is still random which one of the two blue substats will get upgraded). I am not sure if Global will have this QoL on launch, so in case it doesn’t, I would recommend not upgrading any substats until it’s implementation.

Substat Transfer

The substat of a 4, 5, or 6 star gear piece can be transferred to another 4, 5, or 6 star piece via a research ship.

Gear Guide

Some terminology for this section:

  • Receiving gear is the gear you want to transfer the substats into.
  • Transfer gear is the gear you want to transfer the substats out of.

To transfer the substats between 2 gear pieces, the following conditions must be met:

  • Both gear pieces must either be at the same star level or the transfer gear is exactly 1 star level lower than the receiving gear.
  • The main stat of the receiving gear cannot be the same as any of the substats of the transfer gear.
  • Both gear pieces must drop from the same Target Elimination Boss

For example, you can only transfer substats between Speed, Effectiveness, and Effect Resist set gear since they all drop from the Centaur boss. You cannot transfer substats between a Speed gear set and an Immunity gear set as they drop from different bosses.

The cost to transfer substats is as follows:

  • Receiving gear is 4 star: 8,000 gold,1 Small Substat Transfer Crystal.
  • Receiving gear is 5 star: 12,000 gold, 1 Medium Substat Transfer Crystal.
  • Receiving gear is 6 star: 15,000 gold, 1 Large Substat Transfer Crystal.

Substat Transfer Crystals can be purchased in the AW Shop.

Once the transfer is complete, all of the substats of the receiving gear will be replaced with those of the transfer gear.

  • The transfer gear will be destroyed as a result of the substat transfer.
  • Substat transfer can change the colour rarity of a gear piece.
    • If the receiving gear is gold (has 4 substats) and the transfer gear is blue (has 2 substats), then the receiving gear will become a blue rarity gear item after the transfer.
    • This does not have any effect on the substat values themselves, as the gear piece colour rarity is only an indication of how many substats the gear has.

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