Event Boss

There are four difficulty stages for the event boss; Normal, Hard, Advanced, and EX. The more difficult stage will reward more Silver Coins for the box gacha. However, they are also more challenging and require more challenge tickets as well.

Note that the EX difficulty can only be challenged once per day.

Boss DifficultyChallenge Ticket CostPurple Crystals Reward
Normal106 Purple Crystals
Hard2015 Purple Crystals
Advanced3030 Purple Crystals
EX30150 Purple Crystals
Madoka Magica

Event Boss comp

  • The tried and true Centaur farm comp can be used to defeat this boss,
  • Chihaya can be replaced by another Defense Breaker such as Foxy.
  • Ginga can be replaced by another Blue single target DPS like Lila or Corax.

It is possible to cheese the boss using the Roco poison team comp, though depending on your gear, it may not be consistent due to the presence of the 3 enemy mob units.

Additional tips:
  • If you are having trouble surviving the boss’ attacks, be sure to set the Guardian Robot as your support.
  • The boss is capable of reviving fallen mobs, so it is best to focus all of your attacks on the boss.