The numbers below are based on the CN and JPN version of the collab, but the publisher announced that the Global version will receive a revamped version of the collab that gives more resources. We will adjust the guide and numbers below once the collab launches.

Tips and Tricks

In terms of meta relevance, if you only have enough rolls to roll on one banner, then it is recommended that you roll for Madoka over all of the other collab units. The recommended pull and upgrade priority is as follows: Madoka > Homura > Sayaka/Kyoko

Madoka arguably is the only “must have” unit from this collab, though Homura can be considered to be one as well if your focus is on PvP.

This is primarily due to Madoka’s S3 being an AoE attack that bypasses 70% (up to 85% with her Exclusive Armament) of the enemy’s Defense. This enables her to pretty much nuke anything that she comes across into oblivion which allows her to shine in all game content.

Homura on the other hand is primarily a PvP unit and an extremely powerful one at that. She starts the battle with a buff that negates the enemy’s ability to gain Extra Turns. This ability renders Alice teams useless in PvP as Alice can no longer give an Extra Turn to the DPS unit with Homura on the field. On top of this, Homura’s S3 can also inflict a debuff that prevents the unit with the debuff from being pushed up on the action bar, thus rendering units like Timmy useless as well.

Sayaka and Kyoko, while strong in their own rights, are not on the level of Madoka and Homura.

Sayaka is a bruiser/DPS unit that can grant herself a myriad of offensive and defensive buffs.

  • Sayaka shines against Red and Blue Target Elimination bosses (Centaur, Harpist, Octopus), especially the Octopus boss as she is tanky enough to survive all of the boss plus the minions’ attacks and is immune to all of their debuffs since she can grant herself the Immunity Buff.
  • Sayaka also sees some use in the lower brackets of PvP where she can act as a soft counter against any enemy Madoka who are not well built.

Kyoko is a tank unit that has the ability to buff the defensive power of your whole team and has the same damage sharing passive as Acacia. For all intents and purposes, Kyoko essentially is a better Acacia.

  • Kyoko sees some use in the lower brackets of PvP where Madoka is not as prevalent. Her tankiness and the ability to make the rest of the team pretty tanky as well allows her to slot well into any bruiser comps for PvP.

In an alternate world where Madoka and Mami don’t exist, these two units would be the premier bruiser and tank units of the game. Unfortunately, having high defensive stats mean nothing when the enemy has the ability to ignore most or all of those defensive stats.

Skill Chips

There are three different skill chips for this collab:

  • Homura (Glasses) Skill Chips
  • Mami Skill Chips
  • Madoka/Homura/Sayaka/Kyoko Skill Chips

The different skill chips can only be used to upgrade the skill levels of the unit that the skill chip’s name refers to (i.e. Only Mami Skill Chips can be used to upgrade Mami’s skills)

  • Homura (Glasses) Skill Chips can only be obtained from the box gacha
  • Mami Skill Chips can only be obtained from the spending event
  • Madoka/Homura/Sayaka/Kyoko Skill Chips can be purchased from the event shop with Purple Crystals

Upgrade materials

Below is the total number of collab-exclusive upgrade materials that you can obtain from event rewards.

Due to the way that the event shop works, the materials listed below only consist of the materials that can be obtained without using Purple Crystals.

  • Homura (Glasses) Skill Chips: 33
    • 33 from Box Gacha
  • Homura (Glasses) Armament Application: 68
    • 68 from Box Gachaa
  • Heart of Hope*: 190
    • 30 from Log In Bonus
    • 60 from Box Gacha

*Heart of Hope is an upgrade material for all 6 of the Madoka collab units’ Exclusive Armament.

In addition to the upgrade materials above, you can also spend Purple Crystals to obtain additional collab-exclusive upgrade materials from the event shop. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume that you have 6640 Purple Crystals to spend as this is the maximum amount that you can obtain if you do not roll on the collab banners. If you have a different amount of Purple Crystals to spend, then you will need to factor in the difference when making your purchases in the event shop.

The table belows give a breakdown of how much Purple Crystals it take to hit certain upgrade milestones.

Madoka/Homura/Sayaka/Kyoko Skill Chips
Number of Skill Chips needed to max 1 skill11
Purple Crystal Cost per Skill Chip20
Purple Crystal Cost to max out 1 Skill220
Purple Crystal Cost to max out 2 Skills440
Purple Crystal Cost to max out 3 Skills660
Exclusive Armament Upgrade Mat
Number of Exclusive Armament Upgrade Mat needed for Level 1028 Exclusive Armament Applications
Number of Exclusive Armament Upgrade Mat needed for Level 2048 Exclusive Armament Applications and 60 Heart of Hope
Number of Exclusive Armament Upgrade Mat needed for Level 3068 Exclusive Armament Applications and 160 Heart of Hope
Purple Crystal Cost per Exclusive Armament Application10
Purple Crystal Cost per Heart of Hope5
Purple Crystal Cost to upgrade 1 Exclusive Armament to Level 10280
Purple Crystal Cost to upgrade 1 Exclusive Armament to Level 20780
Purple Crystal Cost to upgrade 1 Exclusive Armament to Level 301480

Closing remarks

Collab Exclusive Upgrade Materials do not expire. You do not need to rush any upgrades during the collab event period. The “timer” that is displayed above each of their icons is only to signify the amount of time left before you can optionally exchange them for regular upgrade materials. For more details, see the Post-Event Collab Material Exchange section.

On the other hand, Purple Crystals do expire. They will expire at the end of the event shop exchange period, so make sure that you spend all of them before then.

For spending players, there are collab-exclusive upgrade material packs in the cash shop that are available for purchase. If you already have the collab unit that you want and are only missing upgrade materials after spending all of your Purple Crystals, then it is more cost efficient to buy the upgrade material packs for the missing materials over buying more gacha pulls to get more Purple Crystals.