World Boss

The Madoka collab also has a world boss for the players to challenge. The world boss will become available for players to fight roughly one week after the collab event starts.

The goal in this game mode is to deal as much damage as you can to the world boss before it wipes your team. The world boss has one shared HP pool for the entire server and damage inflicted by players in the same server will reduce the boss’ HP pool. Once the boss’s HP pool hits certain milestones, the entire server will receive rewards.

To challenge the world boss, you will need to have at least 1 World Boss Challenge Attempt. You will automatically receive 1 World Boss Challenge Attempt every 2 hours and can store up to a maximum of 5 World Boss Challenge Attempts. Any challenge attempts received while you are capped out will be lost. 1 World Boss Challenge Attempt is consumed every time you challenge the world boss.

The World Boss is a Blue Attribute boss and does not have any accompanying mobs.

When you challenge the world boss, you will bring in one team and try to do as much damage as you can before your team is defeated. The world boss uses the same HP bar system as the Ultimate Arena boss and will get progressively stronger the more HP bar it loses.

Madoka Magica

Once the boss loses a certain amount of its shared server HP pool, it will transform into a different form. The different forms have slight variations in their movesets, but otherwise the mechanic for fighting the boss remains the same.

World Boss comp

  • The versatile Centaur farm comp can be used for this boss as well,
  • Chihaya can be replaced by another Defense Breaker such as Foxy.
  • Ginga can be replaced by another Blue single target DPS like Lila or Corax.
  • Alice can be replaced by Homura if you would like to negate the boss’ action bar push passive.
Additional tips:
  • The boss has a passive that pushes itself up every time it is attacked. This passive combined with its moveset can allow it to act very quickly. You can negate this passive by using Homura as her S3 can inflict a debuff that prevents the boss from manipulating its action bar.
  • Do not stress over this boss. In fact, it can be considered completely optional as the rewards for this game mode are not very great. Additionally, since the damage is shared for the whole server, how much damage each individual player does to the boss really only serves to speed up the time for when everyone can claim their rewards. It has no bearing on the rewards themselves. The only real reward where individual performance matters for the Chat Frame reward as only the top 50 players in the server will get it.