Welcome to our complete reroll guide for Artery Gear Global. This guide is split into 4 chapters. In the first two, we discuss units and banners that you should aim for during your reroll. The last two will show you how to reset instances and your login credentials.

Active Banners

Before starting the reroll process, check the currently available banners and the ratings for the characters on our Tier List (linked below).

Note that while you're able to reroll after finishing Story Chapter 1-1, the amount of gacha currency won't allow you to complete a full 10 pull. You need to either further progress through the story to earn more gems, or wait until the game hits milestones such as appstore goals, where the developers will gift you reroll tickets or gems as a celebration. Of course, you can always try your luck with single pulls as well.

Link to our tier list:

Three notable 4-star units come to mind that you cannot obtain from the infinite reroll banner, unlike the event/elite banners, which are: Alice, Ruri and Maika.

Ruri is a top-tier PvP cleaver that excels in Octo Hunts, whereas Maika is a strong PvP defense unit and great for raids.

Infinite Reroll Banner

Now that you have who you rolled for, you can finally use the infinite reroll ticket to grab your remaining units. The celebration recruitment banner allows you to reset your 10x pulls indefinitely and guarantees you 1 SSR every time. There is no limit on the amount of 4 star units you can obtain from it, but you're unable to obtain either Alice, Ruri or Maika.

The SSR unit most should be aiming for is Ginga. She has been the go-to unit for the infinite reroll banner since the JP server was launched back in 2021. Ginga allows you to progress much faster by being able to beat Centaur Stages 7 and 8 with minimal investment.

The other units that we want to pick up would be the following 3 star units:

  • Grace - Must have! One of the best fodder farmers and a decent aoe cleave unit. She will be with you from start to finish.
  • Roko - Must have! Early game boss killer. Roco is your ticket to cheese enemy bosses that are not immune to poison.
  • Foxy and Kanna - Nice to have. Foxy offers a defense break while Kanna prolongs enemy cooldowns to prevent a teamwipe. Both are used in early Centaur hunts, but you could always use your free Chihaya over Foxy as well.
  • Timy - Must have for PVP! Early game PvP will be determined by whose Timy goes first.

As to 4 star units for this usecase, they aren't as highly prioritized compared to their 5 star and 3 star counterparts, but you can always refer to our tierlist for their up-to-date rankings. However, for this case we would recommend settling with Della to prepare for future PvP Lineups.

Incase you don't want to settle for a Ginga from your infinite reroll ticket, we can list a two alternative top performers:

Ghost - arguably a better Ginga for whales. Pre-buff Ghost was quite weak during the CN server launch. But during the Global CBT, we’ve noticed that the game ran on the current JP patch. This would mean that Global launch will have access to a post-buff Ghost. Her S3 multiplier is one of the highest in the entire game. Ghost offers a team wide dispel + silence via her S2 and a single target nuke from her S3. Her 115 base speed allows her to outspeed Alice and be within the speed RNG range of Timy. While Ginga performs better on Centaur with lower gear requirements and better synergy with Chihaya, she's mostly locked onto PvE Centaur duty. Ghost however can be used in a wide range of PvE and PVP content with endgame gear.

Hearin - only for those that know what they are doing. You can technically beat Centaur 8 with just Chihaya and Alice + 1-2 support casts. This allows you to pick up post-buff Hearin, the strongest PvP healer available at Global launch. The downside would be a potentially slower gear progression.

Reroll methods

Via Salted Emails (by: Ouroboros#2365)

  1. Go to setting via top right cogwhell,
  2. Account and then User Center,
  3. Upgrade,
  4. Upgrade platform,
  5. Sign up,
  6. Type your email (for example: then confirm it,
  7. Log off (press the button next to the User Center),
  8. Reroll from beginning but this time use salted email (,
  9. If you land your dream account then use your main email to bind it as per step 6.

Via Emulator Files - LDPlayer (by: TimaeuSS)

  1. Install AG on LDPlayer or download LDPlayer with the game preinstalled from here,
  2. Launch the game and download all assets (it takes ages, I know),
  3. Click on the cog wheel setting on the right menu bar in LDPlayer,
  4. Enable root permission in "other settings",
  5. Open the file manager and locate the AG directory (Data > Data > com.bilibilien.arterygear),
  6. Delete the shared_prefs folder,
  7. Create clones of the instance (Ctrl-2) and reroll from them until you're satisfied with your rolls,

Here's a video that shows parts of the process:

Via Emulator Files - Bluestacks (by: Halcyon#0001)

  1. Install AG on any instance on an Bluestack emulator and finish your initial reroll,
  2. Download BS Tweaker and select the correct emulator that you are using,
  3. While the instance is closed, unlock it,
  4. Open up the emulator and patch it (now the instance is rooted),
  5. Open the file manager and locate the AG directory,
  6. Delete the shared_prefs folder,
  7. Unpatch and lock the instance (do NOT reopen AG on that instance anymore),
  8. Create clones of the instance and reroll from them until you are satisfied with your rolls.

Download BS Tweaker: BS Tweaker official site

Video guide

Video that talks about who you should reroll for: