All information in this guide is based on the JP and CN version of the Ryza collab event. Some details may be different for the Global version of the event. Any discrepancies will be corrected as soon as possible.

Alchemy Pot

The alchemy pot is the “event shop” for the second part of the event and consists of 7 box gachas each filled to the brim with upgrade material. If you ever wondered why players on the JP and CN servers of the game claim that the Ryza collab event is the best event ever, then the alchemy pot is the reason why.

To use the alchemy pot, you must expend Red Crystals to draw out a random reward from the pot. Each draw costs 10 Red Crystals. Red Crystals can be obtained by defeating the Event Boss.

A multi-draw button is available to speed up the process and you can set what the maximum multi-draw attempts you would like to do in the setting on the upper right hand corner of the alchemy pot menu. The default is set to 10 draws, however you can adjust to up to a maximum of 100 draws. Note that if your current Red Crystals count does not allow for you to do the maximum amount of draws that you have specified in the settings, then the multi-draw button will only draw as many times as your current Red Crystals count allows for. (i.e. You set the maximum draw to 100 in the setting, however you only have enough Red Crystals to draw 30 times. In this case the multi-draw button will only let you draw 30 times).

Atelier Ryza

When you first gain access to the alchemy pot, you will only be able to pull rewards from Box 1. To unlock Box 2, you will need to pull all of Box 1’s “jackpot” prizes first. The rest of the boxes are also unlocked using this process where you have to obtain all of the “jackpot” prizes of the previous box first before the next one unlocks. You can always go back to a previous box and continue to pull rewards from that box.

Atelier Ryza

Some notable rewards from the boxes include a full 6 star Lifesteal and Immunity set as well as skill and Exclusive Armament upgrade material for Ryza and Lila.

Atelier Ryza

The rewards Box 1 through 6 are one-time only. However, Box 7 is an infinite box where the rewards inside of the box will reset after you have completely cleared it out. Box 7 is the reason why you will be dumping all of your energy into farming the Event Boss. The main reason for doing so is that this box contains 10 Gear Upgrade Material T2 and Parts Upgrade Material T2. This makes it the only viable farmable source for these two gear upgrade materials, so stock up on as much of them as you can.

Rough calc: It takes around 22.5 stam pots to empty box 7 which includes 10 stam pots. This means for around 13 pots, you get huge return for your investment below:

Atelier Ryza

Alchemy Expedition

The alchemy expedition is a purely side story minigame that will have you send out expeditions (separate from the regular resource dispatches) to collect materials and craft items that you can turn in to complete the missions in this minigame. Upon completing a certain number of missions, you will unlock new side story cutscenes for you to watch.

This minigame does not grant any in game rewards. It contains story fluff only and is meant to simulate the side quest missions for the Atelier Ryza game where Ryza craft alchemical items to fulfill NPC requests.

Atelier Ryza