All information in this guide is based on the JP and CN version of the Ryza collab event. Some details may be different for the Global version of the event. Any discrepancies will be corrected as soon as possible.

Event format

The second part of the event will still have you farm event stages, but for a different event currency. The event currency that you get in this part of the event comes in the form of boss challenge tickets. These tickets can then be used to challenge the event boss in order to obtain red crystals. These crystals will be used for the alchemy pot, a box gacha style reward system consisting of 7 boxes. More details on the alchemy pot can be found in the Alchemy Pot guide.

Atelier Ryza
Atelier Ryza

Event Boss

There are four difficulty stages for the event boss; Normal, Hard, Advanced, and EX. The more difficult stage will reward more red crystals for the alchemy pot. However, they are also more challenging and require more challenge tickets as well.

Note that the EX difficulty can only be challenged once per day.

Boss DifficultyChallenge Ticket CostRed Crystals Reward
Atelier Ryza

The Event Boss is a Red Attribute Boss and is accompanied by 2 Green Mobs.

After the boss’ 2nd turn, she will begin to build up a passive stack. She will gain 1 stack after every turn (ally or enemy) up to 5 stacks. If she has 5 stacks at the start of her turn, she will transform into her 2nd phase. You can see how many of this passive stack she currently has by looking at the blue icon underneath her HP bar. When she transforms, she will regain 70% of her max HP, remove all debuffs from herself, and gain a shield. Defeating her in this form will win you the battle.

Note that she cannot be killed before she transforms into her second phase as the boss will always heal back to 1% HP.

Atelier Ryza

Event Boss teams

Team 1
  • The tried and true Centaur farm comp can also be used to defeat this boss.
  • Chihaya can be replaced by another Blue or Red Defense Breaker such as Foxy, Milvus, or Ryza.
  • Ginga can be replaced by another Blue single target DPS like Lila or Corax.
Reisalin "Ryza" Stout
Lila Decyrus
Team 2

This is a budget comp using only free or low rarity units.

Event Boss tips

  • If you are having trouble surviving the boss’ AoE attacks, be sure to set the Guardian Robot as your support.
  • is possible to cheese the boss with a Roco poison comp. However, it is extremely RNG dependent as it is reliant on Roco not deflecting off of the boss. Use only as a last resort.

Event missions

The second part of the collab event also comes with its own set of daily and one-time missions. .

The list of mission can be found below:

Daily missionReward
Defeat the Event Boss 1 time1 Klaudia Armament Application

*Note that this daily mission is in addition to the daily mission from the first part, so once the second part of the collab event unlocks, there will be two daily missions in total.

One-Time MissionsReward
Defeat the Event Boss on Normal Difficulty20 Red Crystal
Defeat the Event Boss on Hard Difficulty40 Red Crystal
Defeat the Event Boss on Advanced Difficulty60 Red Crystal
Defeat the Event Boss on EX Difficulty100 Red Crystal
Defeat the Event Boss (any difficulty) 10 times2 Klaudia Skill Upgrade Chip
Defeat the Event Boss (any difficulty) 30 times3 Klaudia Skill Upgrade Chip
Defeat the Event Boss (any difficulty) 50 times3 Klaudia Skill Upgrade Chip