Atelier Ryza

The Ever Doodles & Cat Hideout is Artery Gear: Fusion’s first collab event and features characters from the Atelier Ryza game. Follow Ryza and her friends as they navigate the world of Artery Gear:Fusion with the help of Team Bobcat.

The collab will bring with it 3 new units; Ryza, Lila, and Klaudia. You will be able to obtain Klaudia for free by completing the event while Ryza and Lila will be obtainable from their respective pickup banners. All 3 of these units will only be obtainable while the collab event is active.

Reisalin "Ryza" Stout
Lila Decyrus
Klaudia Valentz

Disclaimer: All information in this guide is based on the JP and CN version of the Ryza collab event. Some details may be different for the Global version of the event. Any discrepancies will be corrected as soon as possible.


Due to the sheer size of the guide, we decided to split it into 5 categories:

  • Event Part 1 & 2 guide helps you understand how the event works and what kind of missions await you there,
    • The first part will be available immediately at the start of the collab while the second part will unlock one week from the start of the collab.
  • Alchemy pot and expedition guide helps you navigate the event shop that becomes available in the second week,
  • Banners guide reviews the characters available in the collab and what kind of rewards you can get for pulling on their banners,
  • Tips and tricks guide is a summary of the event that explains the best ways to approach it.