How it works

With the current flow of content and AG releases, Access came out with a new way to obtain certain AGs in the CN version of the game. The update for the new event, Be Born and Die Again, released on June 7th, 2022 and came with a new room in the Fleet screen, the Special Reception Room.

Special Reception

Functionally it’s similar to Azur Lane’s PR research system. Select the character you want to obtain and start completing the missions it asks for. Yes, they are time gated.

How you can obtain there

Special Reception

At the time of writing this section there’s only 1 obtainable unit from this new feature, Xingyao Liu. The exclamation point allows you to see her skill set and stats. The target symbol allows you to test her out in the test area to see how her skills play out in battle.

You can check her profile here:

As it shows in near the bottom left of the image, you have to complete 16 total missions before you can acquire said AG. Whenever you begin researching an AG you’ll start out with 2 missions. 2 more missions will be unlocked every 24 hours over the course of 168 hours. This means it will take at least 1 week to acquire said AG.

Required missions

  • Complete 30 raids
  • Clear Normal Chapter 7-10
  • Complete 20 Exercises
  • Beat “Exclusion Zone” 45 times
  • Submit 270 “Molten Beginner Research Keys” (Red)
  • Use 2500 Energy
  • Finish 5 Dispatches
  • Beat “Reward Task” 15 times (Gold Daily)
  • Submit 180 “Molten Intermediate Research Keys” (Red)
  • Beat “Target Elimination” 150 times (any boss)
  • Use cast 2 times
  • Complete the 12 hour 0-2 “Fallen Zone From the War’s Beginning” 4 times
  • Submit 75 “Molten Advanced Research Keys” (Red)
  • Upgrade any AG’s Star Count 5 times
  • Submit 10 “Special Information Books”
  • Submit 900k Gold