In the Ultimate Arena game mode, you receive rewards based on two factors:

  • Participation: You are given a set number of rewards just by fighting the Raid Boss. These rewards are fixed and do not depend on how well you did against the boss.
  • Performance: You will be given loot bags of varying quality based on how much damage you dealt to the Raid Boss. The rewards from the loot bags are randomized, with higher quality bags giving better rewards.

At the end of each Raid Season, you will also be rewarded with 1 of 3 different Avatar Frames if you are in the top 100 rankings for the raid season. The frame that you get will depend on where in the top 100 you rank at. The thresholds for each frame are as follows:

  • Top 1 - 3
  • Top 4 - 20
  • Top 21 - 100
Ultimate Arena

Participation Reward

  • 3 Backup Energy
  • 1 Polymeric Power Box*
  • 20 Half-Stamina Tickets**
  • 20 Alliance Key Cards
  • 1 Document of Special Intelligence

*Polymeric Power Box allows you to select and obtain one of the three Polymeric Power of your choice.

**Half-Stamina Tickets only apply to Target Elimination Stages.

Performance Reward

Raid Score RankingRaid Score ThresholdReward
TOP600 000 pts8 Purple Bags
SSS480 000 pts8 Purple Bags
SS360 000 pts7 Magenta Bags
S240 000 pts7 Magenta Bags
A150 000 pts6 Pink Bags
B80 000 pts6 Pink Bags
C30 000 pts5 Blue Bags
D12 000 pts5 Blue Bags
E0 pts5 Green Bags