Ultimate Arena is a game mode where you will use multiple teams to challenge a raid boss. This game mode will unlock at Commander Level 35. During the battle, the objective is to try to do as much damage as you can before the boss wipes out all of your teams. Rewards come in the form of upgrade materials, randomized gear, and backup energy and will be given based on both participation and performance.

Ultimate Arena can be accessed by tapping on “Battle” on the Home Screen, then tapping the “Ultimate Arena” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Ultimate Arena
Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena

The goal of this game mode is to try to deal as much damage as you can to the Raid Boss with the units you have before the boss enrages and wipes out your teams. You will be able to bring multiple teams to fight the boss. Your teams will fight the boss one at a time in team number order. Team 1 will begin the fight, and when the team gets wiped by the boss, Team 2 will go in and continue where Team 1 left off. This process will continue until you run out of teams.

The total damage that all of your teams dealt to the boss will be calculated into a raid score that will determine your performance rewards and server rankings.

To challenge the raid boss, you will need to have at least 1 challenge attempt remaining. You will be given one challenge attempt daily and can store up to a maximum of 5 challenge attempts.

  • One challenge attempt will be consumed each time you challenge the raid boss.
  • Challenge attempts are given out during the daily reset.
  • Once your stored challenge attempts reach 5, you will no longer gain any additional challenge attempts during the daily reset until your stored attempts drop below 5.
  • Challenge attempts are reset back to 1 during the weekly reset. Any unused attempts from the previous week will be lost.

The Raid Boss’ color attribute changes weekly. The attribute rotation is as follows:

  • Red > Green > Blue
  • The Raid Boss has different mechanics depending on what color attribute she currently is. For more details, see the Raid Boss Skills section.
  • In terms of difficulty, the Red Raid Boss is the easiest one and is meant to serve as the introductory Raid Boss. The Green Raid Boss is the next step up in terms of difficulty and the Blue Raid Boss is the most challenging of the three bosses.


Before you can fight the Raid Boss, you will need to assemble your teams. When you first begin, you will only be able to bring in 3 teams to fight the boss. However, you will be able to unlock more team slots, up to a maximum of 6 teams total, by increasing your Raid Level. You can gain Raid Levels by simply fighting the Raid Boss. Each time you challenge the Raid Boss, you will gain 10 Raid Exp and once you accumulate enough Raid Exp, your Raid Level will increase.

  • The 4th team slot will unlock at Raid Level 5
  • The 5th team slot will unlock at Raid Level 10
  • The 6th team slot will unlock at Raid Level 15

You can get a multiplier to your raid score by fulfilling certain conditions when building your teams.

  • The first one is by bringing up to 2 full AG Type sets.
    • AG Types refer to the role that the AG plays on the battlefield. There are 5 types in total: Striker, Balanced, Tactical, Repair, and Defense.
    • Bringing one of each type constitutes a full AG Type Set.
    • Note that the score multiplier caps out at 2 full AG Type sets. You can bring more than 2 sets, but you will not get any additional multiplier for doing so.
  • The second one is by bringing units of the color attribute that the Raid Boss is weak against.
    • For example, bringing Blue units when fighting the Red Raid Boss.

Note that both of these conditions are calculated based on the unit composition of all of your teams combined.

Below is the raid score multiplier for each condition:

  • 1 Full AG Type Set = 50%
  • 2 Full AG Type Sets = 120% (replaces the 50% multiplier from bringing 1 full AG Type Set)
  • Using units of the color attribute that the Raid Boss is weak against = 4% per unit

Once you have completed your team setups, you are ready to challenge the Raid Boss.

Ultimate Arena

Additional tips

Some notes about the Raid Boss:

  • Skills and effects that do damage based on the boss’ maximum HP do not work.
  • While the boss effectively has infinite HP, it is segmented into different thresholds that are represented by the boss’ HP bar number. You can find this HP bar number to the left of the boss’ HP bar.
    • The HP bar number increases by 1 every time you completely deplete the boss’ HP bar.
      • Note that damage from one HP bar does not carry over to the next HP bar, so overkill damage is “wasted”.
    • The HP bar number dictates the boss’ strength. The higher the HP bar number, the stronger the boss gets.
  • All of the boss’ skills CD will go back to max every time she loses a full HP bar.
  • If the boss loses an HP bar at the start of her turn (i.e. from a DoT effect), she will skip her turn.
Ultimate Arena


There is a sweep function available for this game mode. After you have fought against the boss at least once each week, you will unlock the ability to use any unused challenge attempts to auto-sweep the boss. The sweep function will record your highest raid score run and use that as the basis for rewards and rankings. This means that you will only need to manually fight the Raid Boss once per week.

  • Note that you must manually fight the boss first before the sweep function will unlock, and the sweep function will unlock for that week only. You will need to manually fight the boss again the following week, in order to unlock the sweep function again.
  • It costs 10 Intel Codex, 30 Stamina, and 1 challenge attempt per sweep.
    • Note that this cost is only for sweeping the Raid Boss. If you are manually fighting the Raid Boss, then it will only cost 1 challenge attempt.