So, you've just finished farming Centaur and your storage is full of gear, but you don't know what to do with it?

Then this guide is for you! We will cover the desired stat combinations that you should keep an eye on and which AG is using them.

How gear works in AG?

Let's start with the basics.

Compared to other gear-reliant games like Epic Seven, gear in Artery Gear comes with rolled and visible stats the moment you receive it.

However, you have to upgrade gear to make use of the substats on it.

Gear to keep

Here's what an example piece of gear looks like.

All the stats show "(Unlocked)", which means they aren't activated yet and you will need to upgrade the piece to activate the substats.

As we discussed in our basic gearing guide previously, stats have roll ranges (blue, purple, gold) that represent low, mid and high rolls.

You don't need to have 4 golden stats, and even lower rarity ones can still be usable as long as the combination fits into one of a few archetypes.


There are five archetypes in Artery Gear, each preferring a different stat combination:

  • The Berserker - ATK + CRIT % + CRIT DMG
  • The Assassin - SPEED + ATK % + CRIT % or CRIT DMG
  • The Warlock - SPEED + Status ACC
  • The Tank - HP + DEF + RES
  • The Bruiser - HP + DEF + ATK %

ATK, HP, and DEF can be either flat or percentages. We will soon compile a list of characters who prefer flat values over percentages and vice versa.

It's really hard to get all three desired stats, so consider the last slot to be a flex stat that can be anything to your preference.

Now let's go over each of them.

The Berserker

Berserker-type characters prefer builds with a focus on damage output and sacrifice speed and/or survivability in the process.

While it's the preferred stat combination for PvE, in PVP you often get killed before you get to move. That's where Alice would come into play and push a Berserker to move first to dish out tons of damage.

Characters that prefer this kind of gear:


The Assassin

A focus on speed gear allows them to move first and dish out their combo in PvP before the enemy gets to do anything.

Focus on CRIT DMG after you reach 100% CRIT.

Characters that prefer this kind of gear:


The Warlock

Wants to move first and apply some form of debuff/s.

Focus on speed and an increase in your static ACC to land debuffs reliably.

Characters that prefer this kind of gear:

Klaudia Valentz

The Tank

Some tanks can force the enemies' attention, which will get them hit instead of their actual target, giving the rest of the team some leeway.

The majority of healers also prefer this kind of stat combination, as the output of most healing-based skills is based on max HP.

Characters that prefer this kind of gear:


The Bruiser

While Cleavers will dominate during the early PvP era, bruisers will follow next. The listed stats will make you both tanky and deadly.

Characters that prefer this kind of gear:


Please be aware that the stats aren't all set in stone. Some characters could be considered damage dealers, but might require Status Acc for example.

We display the recommended gear and stat types for each character on all character sheets on our website, in case you are looking for something more specific.

Main stats

Now that we have substats out of the way, let's talk about main stats.

Gear types

The three pieces of gear in the blue upper row will have fixed main stats, and can be either ATK, HP or DEF.

The three pieces of gear in the bottom red row can roll different stats depending on the slot. You can find the whole list of possible rolls in our other guide:

Okay, so what's the best one?

  • Thruster - Speed > ATK > HP
  • Scope - CRIT DMG > > HP = DEF
  • Chip - HP = ATK > DEF

ATK, HP, and DEF can be either flat or percentages. We will soon compile a list of characters who prefer flat values over percentages and vice versa.


It is the only piece of gear with speed as its primary stat, making it the best in slot for the majority of characters.

ATK is recommended for characters that don't need the speed, and while HP can be used on healers, most of them prefer speed anyway.


You should be able to reach enough Crit % from substats and passives, so CRIT DMG is the best choice here for Damage Dealers.


While Chip is the only gear that can roll Status ACC and Res, you can easily get those from other substats. As a result, HP and ATK are the preferred options here.

Stat transfer

Be aware that you can transfer stats between gear pieces, so don't throw away your Status Res or other less desirable sets away if they have a good combination of substats.

Learn more about this in our Gear Overview guide: