Recommended Buys


  • Purchase Package - 1 x Free Energy Supply Box
  • Sample Exchange - 1 x 60 Energy (30 points)
  • Alliance Supply - 2 x Backup Energy (50 each)
  • Badge Exchange - 2 x Backup Energy on the 1st Tab, 1 x Armament Analyzer on the 3rd Tab
  • Gear Supply - 6 Star Gold Gear w/ Guaranteed Gold Substat(s)

Purchase gear in the Gear Supply only if you have spare gold or really, really need a specific piece to complete a gear set. Here's how the shop works:

  • The quality of the gear that you can buy from this shop increases as you clear higher Target Elimination stages.
  • 6 star gear will begin to appear after you have cleared Stage 7 of any Target Elimination Boss.
  • The shop will refresh during the daily reset everyday. You can also refresh the shop 20 times for free everyday as well. After the 20 free refreshes, you can spend Forging Crystals to refresh up to another 300 times every day. Never, ever spend crystals to refresh the shop.


  • Sample Exchange - 1 x Regular Hiring Agreement, 1 x Advanced Decoder Chip, 2 x Gear Fusing Crystal T3*
  • Alliance Supply - 1 x Advanced Decoder Chip, 1 x High-Level AG Recruitment Card
  • Badge Exchange - 1 x Advanced Decoder Chip, 1 x High-Level AG Conscription Order, 2 x Casting Parts T1*

*If you have spare currency



  • Alliance Supply - Kungfu-Caracal Touka
  • Badge Exchange - Cestus Lydia

Once per Arena Season (Every 3 months)

  • Badge Exchange - 1 x BonBon XXL

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