This guide is a translation of an official guide available here.

Type advantage


Each character available in Black Clover Mobile belongs to one of the three types - and they work like elements you know from other games:

  • Proficiency
  • Wisdom
  • Tenacity

To make it easier for the players to spot the advantages and disadvantages, there's a special indicator floating above the enemies head:

  • Great - you have type advantage,
    • DMG +20%, Crit Rate +10%
  • Bad - you have type disadvantage,
    • DMG -20%, Crit Rate -10%
  • Good - you are neutral,
    • No bonuses or penalties.

For example, Vanessa's type is Wisdom and she can attack the middle enemy (Proficiency type) with type advantage and deal 20% more damage and gain additional 10% Crit Rate. But if you will decide to attack the enemies on the sides (Tenacity type), she will deal 20% less damage and have 10% decreased Crit Rate.

Here's a summary of the type matches:

  • Proficiency beats Tenacity, but loses to Wisdom,
  • Wisdom beats Proficiency, but loses to Tenacity,
  • Tenacity beats Wisdom, but loses to Proficiency.

Team building


Before entering the battle, you need to form a team with the mages you own (but you also can pick a support mage from your friends). On the right side of the screen, you will see the list of enemies you will encounter in the stage. Picking the mages for your team that have type advantage over the enemies is the best way to obtain a victory.

Turn order


Each battle consist of multiple waves and you need to defeat all enemies in a wave to proceed to the next one. If you manage to kill all enemies in all waves, you will win the battle, but if all your mages die, you will lose it and will be forced to try again.

Action Gauge

Let's talk above the battle visible in the screenshot above now. Here's the Speed values for the team the player uses:

  • Asta - 100 Speed
  • Charmy - 91 Speed
  • Noelle - 110 Speed
  • Finral - 125 Speed

And as you can see the turn bar on the right places the characters according to their speed - Finral being the one to move first, while poor Charmy will move second to last (as one enemy is slower than her).

Similar to other turn based games, Speed is king in Black Clover Mobile and investing into it will be crucial!


Here's a video showing the combat in action: