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Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King (also known as Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate in the JPN region) is an turn-based gacha game developed by Vic Game Studios. The studio was created in 2021 by Jae-Young Choi who was the lead developer for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. Garena will be the Global publisher for the game.

Overall the game takes a lot of inspirations from Epic Seven, but puts its own twist to some of the system and introduces quality of life improvements to make them more modern. The further sections of this guide go into more detail about them.

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The gameplay in Black Clover Mobile is split into two modes:

Black Clover Mobile

In the overworld you can roam around the map and visit various locations known from the manga and anime. You can also enter some of them and then the view changes into third-perspective one - you can run around the location, find hidden chests etc.

Black Clover Mobile

The combat is turn based, but what makes is stand out compared to most turn based gacha games is the partner system. Each character has a skill that can be used with the partner and they both will attack the target at the same time - what's more, if you partner up characters with their dedicated partner, they will use an upgraded version of the skill!

Also, the game uses a Special Point system and some of the character skills can't be used if you don't have enough of them - so you can't just spam your strongest skills every turn.

All battles in the game are 4 vs 4, which means you are able to take create teams with 4 characters only.

Game modes

Here's the list of game modes available in the game (that we are aware of):

  • The bread and butter of every gacha game. Progressing through the story will unlock the other modes and features.
  • At the release of KR/JPN version, only the first 3 chapters were available, but 2 weeks after the 4 one was added.
  • What's interesting is that to tackle the story stages you need Story Tickets - they recharge slowly over time, similar to stamina.
Normal Challenge
Black Clover Mobile
  • The normal challenge mode contains stages where you can use your stamina to farm character EXP, Gear, Skill Upgrade materials etc.
  • The stamina you use is separate from the Story Tickets, so you don't have to worry about saving it to progress through the game,
  • Each stage is split into sub-stages that require higher team power level, but also give better rewards.
Limited Challenge
Black Clover Mobile
  • The Limited Challenge mode contains stages that you can tackle only a limited number of times per day,
  • The stages available here rotate every day/every week,
  • Some of the stages here require you to use multiple teams, not just your main one,
Black Clover Mobile
  • A PVP mode is what most gacha games need, so you can compare yourself to other players,
  • Only AI vs AI battles were available in the Closed Beta,
  • You get weekly and seasonal rewards based on the league you've reached.


Black Clover Mobile

Around 50 characters will be available on the release of the game.


There are 3 base rarities available in the game: R, SR and SSR, but any R and SR character can be raised to SSR (and above).


Each character belongs to one of the three types - and they work like elements you know from other games:

  • Technique
  • Sense
  • Power

The usual paper-scissor-rock applies here, so Red beats Green, Green beats Blue and Blue beats Red.

Currently there are no Light/Dark faction equivalents in the game.


Each character belongs to one of the five classes, each specializing in different style of combat:

  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Debuffer
  • Healer
  • Support

Skill Pages

Black Clover Mobile

Characters can equip Skill Pages that give them additional passives and also upgrade one of their skills (but this works only on specific characters). Also keep in mind that Skill Pages have class restriction, so to get their full benefits, you need to match their class to the character's class.

Gacha rates

Here are the gacha rates:

Rate-up banner
  • Mage - 60%
    • SSR (Normal character) - 1.5%
    • SSR (Rate-up character) - 1%
    • SR - 14%
    • R - 43.5%
  • Skill Page - 40%
    • SSR (Normal Skill Page) - 0.82%
    • SSR (Rate-up Skill Page) - 0.68%
    • SR - 10%
    • R - 28.5%
Normal banner
  • Mage - 60%
    • SSR (Normal character) - 2%
    • SSR (Seasonal) - 0.5%
    • SR - 14%
    • R - 43.5%
  • Skill Page - 40%
    • SSR (Normal Skill Page) - 1.32%
    • SSR (Seasonal) - 0.18%
    • SR - 10%
    • R - 28.5%

You can learn more about Seasonal SSR characters in Gateway of Destiny section below.

Mage Path

Black Clover Mobile

Mage Path is the equivalent of the beginner missions from other games. It basically introduces the new game features you unlock as you progress and rewards you with gear, summoning currency, and other things.

Gateway of Destiny

Black Clover Mobile

Gateway of Destiny is a very interesting system that allows you to obtain one of the special seasonal characters for free. The first season features 3 characters: Asta, Yami and Mimosa.

Asta [Clover Academy]