01/02 SEA Patch Notes

Calm week at SEA this time.

01/02 SEA Patch Notes

[New Content]

  1. [Operation] Event Episode: Proof of Heart, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Side Story] For the Uncrying is back! Complete the hard mode to get Kang Soyoung (SSR) / Dash (SR) Unit Data!

  3. [Attendance] Company Reinforcement Season Punch In! (2023-02-01~2023-02-15 4:00)

  4. [Recruit] Singularity Shin Jia & Cold Case Horizon Classified Recruitment Probability UP!

  5. [Recruit] Lulu, Lee Yumi, Serapel & Harab Normal Recruitment Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] Operator Mansion Master & Replacer King Recruitment Probability UP!

  7. [Shop] Added Basic Training Growth Package, Advanced Training Growth Package, Salary Negotiation Growth Package & Talent Development Package.

  8. [Shop] Added #2 Activity Pledge Package. Complete mission to get Quartz and SSR furniture!

  9. [Voice] New Japanese Voice for Goliath!

  10. [BOSS] New Raid Season Starts! (Feb.1 ~ Mar. 3)

  11. [Gauntlet] New Courageous Season Starts! (Fen. 6 ~ Apr. 16) The victory point requirements for some tiers in ranked battles have been adjusted from this season.



Tuesday, 31 January 2023