02/02 Devs Q&A - New Origin Update

Check the summary of a recently released Q&A about the New Origin Update.


You can find the original notes here.


  • Players will be able to refund the resources spent on up to 50 units,

  • Counter Pass Duplicates removed,

    • Total Fusion Core amount gained from Counter Pass increased from 52.2 to 60

  • Collab units will still be included in the BAN system, but excluded from UP,

  • A Mecha skin is in the work (please be Bikini Titan, please be Bikini Titan),

  • Character story quality is going to be improved,

  • KR Community is being prepared on Naver,

  • There are currently no plans for direct Consortium vs Consortium content,

  • A system of recommended units/gears is being worked on,

  • Balance for exclusive equipment is being reviewed,

  • No Awakened rearms,

  • Most emoticons will become purchasable,

  • Exclusive Equipment is being considered for Awakened units, in order to keep up with the strength of Rearmed units.

Character refunds

A system that will allow players to refund all the materials spent on a character is currently in the works and its main goal is to help with cases when someone raised multiple copies of a character to 110 - for Danger Close for example.

The devs wanted to implement the system earlier, but they needed to secure it to prevent any abuse. Also, because of this, the number of refunds will be limited - the current number is set at 50.

This system will be similar to the recall function, but instead of exchanging one character for another, you will receive all materials used on the character back. So it's recommended the refund the unit that has the most resources invested. Still, the resources that were invested into rearming a unit cannot be recovered.

After patch 6.0 (08/02), the data transmission system will stop giving Unit Data when you sacrifice a character there.

After the 15/02 update, the details of refunding all unobtainable Unit Data will the announced.

Counter Pass Reward Changes

To compensate for the removal of duplicate units from the Counter Pass rewards, the amount of Fusion core shards will be increased from 6 to 25, and the amount of fusion cores will be increased from 6 to 55.

This means that the total amount of Fusion Core gained from Counter Pass will be increased from 52.2 (45 from dupes, + 6 cores + 1.2 from shards) to 60.


Collab UP/BAN exclusion

They plan to add collab units to the list of units that can be buffed or nerfed (but only as long as the contracts allow it). However, since there is no confirmed date for the balance adjustment, collab units will still appear on the ban list. As for the Up list, we will remove the collab units immediately from it.

Gauntlet only changes

While there are multiple systems and improvements being considered, they are cautious about introducing them.

Instead, they are thinking of running a test league where you can test the features in advance before they are officially introduced into ranked matches.

Mecha skin

They confirmed that a skin for a Mecha character is in the works. Also, on top of a proper skin, they also are considering releasing color variations (like the Red Titan you can fight in Relic Dungeon).

Balance changes

Quite a lot of questions revolved around balance adjustments so here's a summary:

  • they are looking into Ships' performance and plan to buff the weaker ones,

  • some of the currently available Exclusive Equipment might be rebalanced to make them more viable,

  • they are planning buff old and underused Awakened units, but also introduce Exclusive Equipment to them,

  • there are no plans to Rearm any Awakened units,

  • later this month a big balance patch will be released.


While they like how the Ellysium Philharmonic faction characters synergy with each other, there are currently no plans to create another team like that.

Still, they plan to introduce some smaller synergies and Rearmed Gaeun will be the first one who will provide them (for the HRT Berry faction).



Thursday, 02 February 2023