02/03 Patch Notes for Eversoul

Erika arrives in Eversoul and we've got a sneakpeek of future content!


The icy-dragon empress Honglan who may look cold on the outside but also has a fluffy side to her will join the roster on February 16!

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New Soul - Erika

  • Type: Fairy / Class: Supporter / Stats: Intelligence / Role: Heal

  • You can find her skills on her profile here.

  • Erika's Pick-Up Summon event will start. There's a higher chance of getting Erika through the event.

    • Pick-up Period: March 2 after maintenance—March 15, 23:59 UTC

  • You may obtain Erika through any Soul-summoning methods including Normal Summon, Friendship Summon, Choice Summon, Soul's Memory (Epic), etc.


  • Velanna True Ending Love Story Revision.

  • Valentines Event End.

  • Following Content has been teased for March 9 update

    • Flower Event.

    • Guild Raid.

    • Champ Arena. [3v3 PVP Content]

    • Catherine's and Miriam's Love Story.

    • Battlefront area 18.

    • Gates Expansion.

Guild Raid & Champ Arena

  • In order to provide you with a more interesting, strategic element to Guild Raids, we have newly planned out on implementing a <Treasure Card System>.

  • This is why we had no choice but to postpone the start of the Guild Raid: Charite from March 2 to March 9 update. 

  • As we had noted earlier in the 2023 Q1 Roadmap (recap), Guild Raid will be a battle system where you need to use 3 teams.

  • The Treasure Card mentioned above is indeed the treasure cards you saw in Dimensional Labyrinth and Hall of Memories.

  • You can place up to 5 Souls per team and also choose 1 Treasure Card. For each team, you will be able to choose 1 treasure card for a total of 3 cards.

  • There are currently 15 Treasure Cards you can choose from, and the Treasure Card you choose can be a decisive factor in designing your strategy for battle.

  • What's more, this Treasure Card system will also be applied to the Champs Arena which will also be released with the March 9 update. As for Champs Arena, you will not be able to know which Treasure Card your opposing party has selected.

  • Guild Raid will progress for 1 week then have a cooltime of 3 weeks before a restart. However, as the Guild Raid boss Charite's schedule has to be changed due to the postponement, there will be 2 weeks of cooltime after the first Guild Raid (Charite) progresses from March 9, then the next Guild Raid will start on March 30.


  • Recommended Guild List will be improved.

    • Guilds that have reached max number of guild members or with maxed out guild application count will not be displayed in the recommended guild list.

    • Guilds where no member has logged in for 1 day or more will not be displayed in the recommended guild list.

    • Guilds with the Join Type of "Join Immediately" will be displayed at the top of the recommended guild list.



Monday, 27 February 2023