03/11 Global Patch Notes - Thanksgiving Festival!

Thanksgiving Festival arrives to Global Counter Side region, together with new characters and tons of free stuff.

03/11 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 3rd of November, 2022 16:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

Coffin Company Thanksgiving Festival

This is basically the 500 days anniversary event in disguise. Here's all that comes with it:

  • 150 free pulls,

  • 1x SSR Character Ticket (random),

  • 1x SSR Ship Ticket (selector),

  • a set of missions with tons of free goodies,

  • login calendar with even more goodies.

This is what the 150 pulls banner looks like.

New event - Academy Field Day

Together with the thanksgiving event, another one will start - the Academy Field Day which comes with its unique mini-game where you run around the field and avoid obstacles.

Academy Field Day comes with:

  • story event,

  • mini-game event,

  • shop with a lot of goodies, including new background

  • 4 new skins

New challenge - Academy Student Council

A new challenge mode with farmable exclusive equipment will also be released and this time you can obtain the EE from:

  • Edith Twins,

  • Yen Xing Lanchester,

  • Mika Star.

New characters

Sky Layfield

Sky is a very strong buffer - her ATK buff is equal to magnitude to Seo Yoon's, but she has much better uptime on it. Along with that, her skill also blinds enemies, making the frontline survive better, and her ult reduces EVA. This makes her a top tier pick in PVE such as Raids and Danger Close.

Sadly buffers aren't really that useful in PVP and unless she is up, nobody uses her.

  • PVE: SS

  • PVP (SEA): C

  • PVP (Global): A

Should you pull?

Yes! She's the best offensive buffer in the game.

Arti Lana

Arti Lana is a two-cost unit that has the skillset of a four-cost one. Honestly, this seems like a mistake because not only she can buff her allies, but also debuff enemies and silence them.

She's used in Shadow Palace in stages with many Counters to buff her allies. But in other game modes, she's not really that much useful.

Her anti-counter passive makes her pretty good in PVP, but her golden times are over, and while she's still good, she's no longer a must-pick. Now she's used mostly due to being the cheapest and best way to proc Olivia Operator's skill.

  • PVE: B

  • PVP (SEA): S

  • PVP (Global): S

Should you pull?

She's an SR rarity character, so don't waste your pulls just to pull her. She will spook you sooner or later.

Kaci Bins

Kaci is a cheap Defender that can remove buffs from enemies, grant shields to her allies and give damage immunity to herself This combined with her low stats and cost makes her one of the best utility Defenders in the game, but a terrible main Defender.

In PVP Barriers are often a death sentence if Awakened Na Yubin isn't jailed, so using her is pretty risky during those weeks. Still, if Na Yubin sits in jail, having a 15% max HP (after the recent buff) barrier in the pocket for the whole team can be game-changing.

In PVE, she can't really be used as the main tank but there she is also more of a support employee that can abuse the Barrier she creates to help her allies survive and provide more support to them. For example in Guild Coop.

  • PVE: A

  • PVP (SEA): A

  • PVP (Global): A

Should you pull?

She's honestly average - excels at nothing and there are better tanks you can use.



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