04/10 SEA Patch Notes - Maestra is here!

Maestra Nequitia, Mors and Revenant are joining the SEA server this week!

04/10 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] Event Episode: Carnival, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Mors! (Oct. 5 - Nov. 9)

  3. [Attendance] Springtime Melody Punch In! (2022-10-05~2022-10-19 04:00)

  4. [Mission] Springtime Melody Event Mission Unlocked!

  5. [Challenge] New Challenge: Days of Some Mercenaries Unlocked!

  6. [Ship] New Ship Chorus Released and Ship Construction Mission Unlocked!

  7. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Maestra Nequitia Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Revenant Probability UP!

  9. [Recruit] Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon & Solar Codex Yuna Recruitment Probability UP!

  10. [Recruit] Operator Anastasia & Moneka Recruitment Probability UP!

  11. [Shop] Added Maestra Nequitia Update Event Classified Recruitment Package VOL. 1, 2 &3.

  12. [Shop] Added Daily Special Training Package 1/2/3, Polymer Gear Set Option Selection Package I/II, Ship Launch Special Package.

  13. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

New character - Maestra Nequitia

Maestra Nequitia on her release was considered an underwhelming awakened employee who was niche and hard to use. But since then, she received a buff and also a mechanic change in the gauntlet which made her a meta pick there.

From the mechanics point of view, her Requiem for the Dead only affects employees on the field when it procs, and they start getting stacks from 1. There's one problem though - when they die or when they're redeployed, they lose all the stacks, so it's easy to ignore the debuff and HP burn, and without it, she's not doing anything.

There are also three really strong counters to her: Awakened Na Yubin severely reduces her chance of making it to the middle, Serina Operator can remove her immortality and at the same time, clear all her self-stacks, and New Ohio can prevent her from casting ultimate for a very long time in the middle while she is exposed.

Employees with Debuff immunity can also resist her debuffs, for example, Replacer King, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Operator Olivie Park, and Carmen.

Fortunately for her, the recent ship safe zone rework that forced players to deploy all employees slightly further away from the ship was a massive buff to Maestro - because now it takes her less time to reach the center of the battlefield, which used to be her primary issue. The impact of that change was so big that Maestro teams became super popular and most games turned into battles of attrition.

But beware, in PVP she requires a lot of investment, whether it'd be her own unique set of speedy tank gears, a speed operator(preferably Chloe), or the units in her faction to protect her(Carmen).

As for PVE, after the damage formula change, her +45% DMG Taken debuff is nothing to laugh at. She can now be used in Raids and Dimensional Trimming for massive damage amplification.

Is she worth pulling? It really depends - in PVP she is good, but needs a lot of support and in PVE while her dmg taken debuff is great, she still costs a lot to deploy.

New character - Revenant

Revenant is a Soldier support that they desperately needed, but her issue is that she's not buffing every Soldier, but only those that consist of multiple units in one - for example Admin Rifleman. Also, keep in mind that Soldiers summoned by other units are considered as Summons in the game and thus Revenant can't buff them.

Still, the buffs she provides are massive - a barrier, Sure Fire to counter the pesky Perfect Evasion employees, and hit-stun immunity. What's unique about Revenant is that her barrier doesn't have any duration and it needs to be destroyed to be removed. As for the debuff tied to her grenade ability, while it scales off the number of multi-units deployed on the battlefield, all ally Soldier units gain the reduced damage taken effect.

Revenant made PVE Soldier teams finally viable and with her, they can much easier clear Story, Dives, and various events - Dorothy and Millia being two of the staples of that team. Still, in both Dive 50 and Relics, Soldiers are still bad and it tanks her rating due to not being good enough for endgame content.

As for PVP, sadly she's not enough to make Soldiers meta in higher elo, but you can use them with great success in the lower tiers - Soldier Rush teams works very well there.

Should you pull her? She's worth it if you love Soldiers!

New character - Mors

The latest 4-cost Defender Mors is a great addition to the roster, being similar to a mech/C.O version of Serapel, Mors focuses on taking many instances of damage to recover HP, having high knockback resistant, while having no base evasion.

Her max HP and DEF increase whenever an ally dies, turning her into a tanking monster. But be aware that the passive won't work if you remove allies from the field by yourself since they need to die to proc the passive. Also, while her max HP raises, her current HP isn't touched, so she will quickly die without a healer behind her back (do remember that healing in this game scales off the target's max HP). While she can regen her health by herself, she can only do that from time to time, so you can't rely on it.

Mors can be used in either Counter teams, but she can also fit into mech teams very well due to how strong mech buffers are.

Recently, Mors has gained popularity with Carmen being able to recover 40% of her HP, when paired with Maestra while preventing potential counters like healing reflux.

Is her Battle Pass worth buying? Yes!

New ship - Chorus

Chorus is basically a better Kamiizumi and it replaces the ship in PVE, especially in Raids.

In PVP while the ship on paper looks like good pair for the Elysium faction, Maestro still prefers using other ships that give her and her faction more important buffs than EVA.



Saturday, 08 October 2022