06/03 Developer Notes for NIKKE

Latest dev notes for NIKKE reveal a new character being added to Liberation Mode also give a sneak peak for the April's Update!


You can check the developer notes by going here.

Expansion of Battle Experience

Through the recently-introduced Tyrant-class Bosses, Nihilister and Gate Keeper, we intend to achieve a new and unique performance and shooting experience. We will do our best to make various experiments and give everyone a fun experience that can only be found in GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE. 

Next, I will be introducing the description system for skill-related terms.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE has a unique battle system with its distinctive battle rules and Burst Skills; but on the other hand, we think the skills and effects descriptions are not very user-friendly. So we are preparing a system where Commanders can click on a term used in the skill and check the definition of that term. We hope this system will help everyone gain a better understanding of the characters’ skills and give everyone a more pleasant gaming experience.

Improvements on Gameplay Experience

Aside from the above-mentioned aspects, we aim to improve your experience in various ways this March.

First, we plan to add a device in Interception EX that T9 manufacturer equipment can be randomly obtained. Hopefully, this will enable a steadier collection of T9 manufacturer equipment. Moreover, we are currently preparing events in which Commanders can obtain extra rewards in Interception and Simulation Room within a specific time. We hope everyone can intercept the Tyrant-class Bosses and Raptures in a great mood.

Improvements to the ease of equipping the Harmony Cube and checking its effect is also included in our plan. 

We will continue to listen to Commanders' feedback. After March, we will constantly check on this and make improvements accordingly to ensure smooth gameplay. If you encounter any inconveniences, please send your feedback to our official community and/or Customer Service center.

Gameplay Expansion Introduction

Following the Real Kindness squad of the Rehabilitation Center, one Nikke from the second batch of Liberation system will also be revealed. In order to liberate Nikke a second time, at least one Nikke from the Real Kindness squad must have been liberated the first time. We have selected a Nikke that everyone will love. As for specific details on them, please look forward to the upcoming announcements and character introduction clips.

The increase of Outpost levels that was mentioned in the previous Developer’s Note is also underway. We are planning a natural way of expansion which will begin from the highest level of 100 and expand beyond that. According to our plan, the number of Campaign stages cleared will be reflected in one’s level after one achieves Lv. 100, and Gems obtained with the level-up can be applied retroactively.

Later Updates

Lastly, although this is not an update for March, I would like to briefly talk about the development progress of the Story stages.

I will begin with Chapter 21 and 22 of the Main Story. The extended Main Story ends with Eden’s story. After that, the story about the Counters getting involved in a major event will unfold. Perhaps this event should have happened early on in the world of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, but it is only being revealed now.

Please check out the detailed story in the game after the update in April.

As for the messaging app “blabla” and the Surprise Missions, we are preparing to add sub-stories. Please look forward to it. Once we are more certain about the update schedule, we will give you more information



Monday, 06 March 2023