08/02 Global Patch Notes - New Origin Update

Take a look into huge new origin update for Counter:Side!

New Origin Update

You can find detailed information about Origin update here.

Summary for New Origin:
  • UI Renewal for Lobby, Mainstream, Sub Stream and Request mode.

  • Battle UI has been renewed.

  • Tactical System to enhance unit stats using dupes (6 dupes total per Character).

  • Ability to Limit Break Characters with Dupes is removed.

  • Fusion Cores Required to max SR characters has been reduced to 15 and R/N to Fusion Core Fragments.

  • Re-arm units no longer require unit data to level up skills (Existing data used will be refunded as Planet Mall points but for only one re-arm, Duplicate re-arms will be not refunded).

  • Challenge Medals will be removed and existing products will be moved to Gold Bullet Shop.

  • 2 Maze Weapon, Armor and Accessary each for Soldiers and Mech added to Gold Bullet Shop.

  • Free Contact content removed permanently.

  • Maximum level of the company is increased from 100 to 200.

  • 10 Achievements removed from the game and additional achievements for ranked gauntlet added.

  • Unit experience from battles is removed and instead will be converted to appraisals and certain % of credit.

  • New Special Skin Category added with exclusive login animations.

  • [Shadow Palaces] and [Relic Challenge] are integrated into [Dimension Trimming].

  • New Gauntlet Season and 3 backgrounds.

  • [Replacer King: Overlord of the End World] special skin as reward for Courageous Season for placing at Diamond 5 or higher.

  • Danger Close Downfall Season: Yamata no Orochi [2 weeks fight, 1 week settlement, 1 week rest].

  • Dive system reworked and artifacts changed.

  • Staff Office], [Spatial Coordinates Amplifier], and [Colossus Radio Telescope] removed from branches, Less dive occurence with enhanced rewards.

  • Removal of unit experience from Branches Missions.

  • Mentee sytem removed - CEOs get 15 Fusion Core and 50 Set Binary as one time compensation.

  • Counter Pass will now give 60 Fusion Core instead of 9 duplicate units.

  • Planet Mall - All SSR and SR Unit Data are added except Awakened Unit and Collaboration Unit.

  • The Battlefield Squad will be removed, and the quartz used to open the Squad will be refunded by mail.

  • Capitol Point Missions for New Origin Update.

  • CounterSide New Origin Punch In. [SSR Employee Selection Coupon -Xiao Lin, Elizabeth Pandragon, Esterosa de Chevalier, Orca, Laura Beatrix, EuJin, Yoo mina, Miya]

  • Global NEW ORIGIN Consecutive Free 50 Recruits

  • Prestige Service to give rewards on AC consumption over 20 weeks period. Spend 80000 AC to get Special Awakened Shin Jia exclusive skin.

  • Abolish the repeat and nesting function of the stage, and apply [battle skip] more widely.

  • Reduce the number of Tuning Binary and Set Binary needs for Gear below Tier5.

Capitol Points Mission

Awakened Pool includes Na Yubin, Hilde, Yoo Mina, Lee Sooyeon, Yuna Springfield, Seoyoon, Replacer King, Replacer queen, Evolved-One, Lee Jisoo, Ministra, Joo Shiyoon.

Replacer King Skin

Prestige System



Tuesday, 07 February 2023