08/02 SEA Patch Notes - Awakened Daughter is here!

Awakened Sigma and Skia Crow make their way to SEA!

08/02 SEA Patch Notes

[New Content]

  1. [Operation] Event Episode: Neverland Nevermore, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Challenge] New Challenge: Let's Go, ARS!

  3. [Attendance] Origin Year’s Eve Countdown!! (2023-02-08~2023-02-28 4:00)

  4. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment--Final Phase Sigma Probability UP!

  5. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment--Skia Crow Probability UP!

  6. [Shop] Added Sigma Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol.1/2/3.

  7. [Shop] Added Daily Special Training Package 1/2/3 & Assorted Binary Special Package.

  8. [Danger Close] New Season Starts! (On February 28th, the Danger Close will undergo a complete overhaul. Players who participate in and achieve a certain score in Danger Close will be rewarded with a special Emblem

  9. [BUFF] All Battlefield/Battle Deployment Eternium Costs -20%, Gear Tuning/Precision/Set Option Change Credit Costs -20%; Dispatch Mission Great Success Chance +20%. (Feb.8 ~ Feb. 14)

  10. [Event] Log into the game at a certain time of the day and get a special bonus!! (Fen. 8 ~ Feb. 14)

    • 10:00~23:59 : Info x1,000

    • 18:00~23:59 : Simulation Training Permit x2 + Eternium x2,500

New Awakened Character - Final Phase Sigma

Awakened Sigma is the awakened character that deals the most damage in the game with her ultimate skill - if your enemy won't absorb it with 1 or 2 Defenders, your mid and backline will simply cease to exist.

The issue is that despite being a 6-cost Striker, she relies way too much on the ultimate. If she dies before the ultimate or the ultimate gets redirected then it's essentially wasted, so the challenge is to keep her alive long enough to wipe the battlefield. However, there are way too many counters such as Anti-Mech units and healblock, with her rather weak defensive capabilities she can be taken down easily. There is also another playstyle where you can drop her in front to destroy the terrabrain, granting sigma +100% ATK, ASPD. This can be useful for rushes as she can melt most non-defender units while within the state.

As for PVE, keeping her alive there is much easier, making her a good substitution for Yuna in certain places, although she doesn't have the HP burn, her kit can deal a lot of damage.

Keep in mind that her Role Disadvantage buffs only works if the enemy has a source of Role Advantage Damage, such as a normal Sigma buffing a sniper. It rarely does anything.

  • PvE - A

  • PvP (SEA) - S

Should you Pull?

Good unit across all content but not optimal in any.

New Character - Skia Crow

Skia crow is a cheap ranger that does not really deal that much damage compared to other 2 cost rangers, while also having a ramp-up time. Instead she can be used as a nuker with her passive resetting the CD. Depending on the direction she is facing before the passive activation, she can be used to bounce to the enemy ship finishing it off, or gain access to the backlines.

  • PvE - B

  • PvP (SEA) - A

Should you Pull?

Good unit on up weeks, useless otherwise.



Tuesday, 07 February 2023