08/12 Patch Notes - Christmas in NIKKE!

The patch notes for this week were released early on the official CN website so here's the translation for them!


The source for the Patch Notes is the official CN website for NIKKE. They were posted as the most recent news post a few hours ago.

Once the official English patch notes are released, we will replace our translation with the official one.


Since the patch notes are pretty massive, here's a summary of everything that's coming this week.

  • New SSR character - Winter Shopper Rupee

  • New SSR character - Miracle Fairy Anne

  • New SR character - Neve

  • New event - Miracle Snow

  • New coop event - Grave Digger

  • New game mode - Arena

  • New event pass - Colour Me Red Emma skin

  • New skins - Covert Nurse Maiden, Model Worker Brid, Sweet Holic Poli, Joy to the Nerds Exia

  • Bug fixes

New characters

Rupee and N102 will receive their alter version characters: Winter Shopper Rupee and Miracle Fairy Anne. We already showed their design and basic information in another blog post, but we also added them to the website today! Still, their skills will remain hidden until we got official confirmation about them.

Also, while the Winter Shopper Rupee banner will start on the 8th of December, the Miracle Fairy Anne one will arrive a week later. All three characters are limited, so they won't be added to the general pool after their banners and the event end. When will they return? Most likely the next year on Christmas.

New event - Miracle Snow

Miracle Snow event will consist of:

  • 14-day login calendar,

  • story event - Miracle Snow,

  • story event - Eternal Memory,

  • mini-game - Gift Factory

After the maintenance on the 8th of December, both the first story event - Miracle Snow - and the Gift Factory mini-game will start, but the second story event - Eternal Memory - will start a week later on the 15th of December.

From what we know, both story events have different currencies and shops, so that's a lot of rewards coming our way this month! We will post guides for the events once they are released.

New coop event - Grave Digger

Coop is back and this time we will fight the dreaded Grave Digger boss!

Good luck all. We will need it.

New game mode - Arena

Well, PVP is here!

The mode was removed on release due to some controversies, but now it's coming back. The good side is that Arena comes with its own shop, so this will be another source of skill materials and gear.

New event pass

Looks like, on top of the current battle pass, there will be another one added to the game that will have Emma's skin inside. The price isn't known yet, but it is rumored to be around 30$.

New skins

Four new skins will be added to the game and you can buy them while the Christmas festivities are available.

Covert Nurse Maiden

Model Worker Brid

Sweet Holic Poli

Joy to the Nerds Exia

Bug fixes

Same as last time, the patch notes don't have the bug fixes and they will be added there only after the maintenance. So we still have to wait to find out what exactly will be fixed this week.



Monday, 05 December 2022