09/03 Patch Notes and upcoming balance changes to Limbus Company

Project Moon doesn't rest and we're getting a lot of fixes and changes this week!


You can find the official patch notes here.

The changes listed below will be added to the game with the maintenance on 9th March.

Update content

New Identity Target Extraction

  • N Corp. Großhammer Meursault

  • N Corp. Mittelhammer Rodion

The earlier announcement we made on our official Twitter which said that it would be available from 6 o'clock failed to take the maintenance into consideration. We apologize for the confusion.

Major Changes

[Combat system]
  • Skill slots can be added on the Dashboard between waves.

  • Staggered units no longer have 0 speed.

  • When a status effect that occurs next turn is first applied, the added Potency and Count will now be maintained after the effect is applied additional times.

  • Fixed an issue where Support Identities (from the Friend System)who were not selected to participate on the deployment screen could still join battle.

  • Added a Keyword Highlight and tooltip display feature for Skills, Passives, and E.G.O Gift descriptions.

  • Pressing and holding a button for adding or subtracting a number on the interface will now continue increasing or decreasing the number while it's held.

  • You can now check the details of another user's support Identity in their Company Menu.

  • Voicelines can now play after a while of idling on the Window (Main Menu).

  • Fixed an incorrect description for New Manager's Welcome Extraction (3 Identity assured in 20 Extractions) -> (3 Identity or E.G.O assured in 20 Extractions).

[Bug Fixes and Improvements]
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of a purchased in-game item were not being provided

  • Fixed an issue where mail rewards may be given multiple times or not at all Test mail will be sent out before providing the update gifts.

  • Fixed an issue with multiple clicks or taps in quick succession during Extraction

  • Fixed an issue where certain Battle Pass missions could not be completed

  • Fixed an issue where <R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit> Heathcliff's Combat Passive [Raring to Graze] gave Charge Potency instead of Charge Count

  • Fixed an issue where the third Coin on <Blade Lineage Salsu>Yi Sang's skill [Flank Thrust] always activated its effect regardless of whether it landed a critical hit

  • Fixed an issue where <Zwei Section 6> Sinclair's skill [Strong Strike] did not properly apply Protection

  • Fixed an issue with target discrimination for the following E.G.O skills: Hex Nail, Pursuance, Ardor Blossom Star, 4th Match Flame (Rodion), Ya Sünyatä Tad Rüpam, Legerdemain

  • Fixed an issue where bursting Tremor did not work properly

  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for Poise

  • Fixed an issue where attacking with insufficient Ammo occasionally caused the game to freeze

  • Win rate prediction now takes base power and Coin power modifiers into account

  • Fixed an issue where status effects were not being properly removed

  • Fixed an issue where status effect parameters were sometimes being added incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where the Potency or Count of certain status effects could go beyond their set limits

  • When an unbreakable part's HP reaches 0 and it is Staggered, it no longer recovers health and Stagger Threshold Fixed an issue where the same story scene would play twice while progressing to the next floor in main story dungeons

  • Fixed an issue where the game would not progress when using the autoplay mode in certain story scenes

  • Fixed an issue where defense skill info was not being displayed on the Identity info screen

  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar for the text box in checks did not work

  • Fixed an issue where certain checks took effect on the wrong targets

  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects for <R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit>Heathcliff's Max Uptie artwork were not being shown properly

  • Improvements for a number of framedrop issues

  • Fixed an issue with the effects of certain E.G.O Gifts

  • Fixed an issue with the conditional HP recovery Passives of certain Abnormalities

  • Fixed an issue where a certain Abnormality that was forcibly Staggered would be Staggered again after it took enough damage for its HP to fall below a Stagger Threshold

  • Fixed an issue where some text were being displayed in Korean while the language was set to English or Japanese

  • Fixes and improvements for a number of Ul display errors

  • Various adjustments to English text

Planned Combat Adjustments

We don't know if those changes will be released with the 9th March update.

Resonance-based Offense & Defense Level Boost
  • Sin Resonance will now boost the Offense/Defense Level as well. (Offense Level boost applies to Attack/Counter skills, hile Defense Level applies to Guard/Evade skills.)

  • Absolute Resonance applies the highest level of the boost to all resonating skills in the chain.

Defense Skill Changes
  • Using defense skills in regular combat will no longer skip the unit's action.

  • Defense skills will be able to redirect enemy skills in Abnormality battles.

  • Guard and Evade skills will activate when the unit is about to be attacked by a skill that would otherwise result in a Clash if they were not defending, rather than any attack.

  • Counter skills maintain the same activation conditions.

Guard and Evade skills are now affected by character growth
  • Defense skills (outside of Counter) are affected by the Defense Level.

  • When using a Guard or Evade skill, its Power may increase or decrease based on the difference between the attacking skill's Offense Level and the defending skill's Defense Level.

Changes to Stagger
  • The turn-based action slot additions on the Dashboard will prioritize non-Staggered units.

  • There will be adjustments to the Stagger Thresholds of certain Identities based on their intended roles and traits. (e.g. Tankers and Damage Sponges will have fewer thresholds; Offense-oriented characters may see little change to their Stagger Thresholds.)

Clashes will further boost the final damage
  • 1% -> 3% damage boost per Clash.

* The listed adjustments are under development and are subject to change during our internal testing. We will notify you of the finalized adjustments in a future announcement around the time of the update.



Tuesday, 07 March 2023