10/11 Patch Notes - new character and event!

The first ever game update for NIKKE will be released this week and with it comes the new character, Helm, and a new event!

Patch Notes

You can find the full patch notes here.

Expected maintenance time: 15:00~18:00, November 10 (UTC+9)

New character - Helm

SSR NIKKE Helm, the Unsullied Captain, will be available in Special Recruit! The chance of getting SSR NIKKEs in Special Recruit is 4% and the chance of getting Helm is 2%.

Class: Attacker

Weapon: Sniper Rifle (Honorable)

Company: Elysion

Also, now we have details about how the Special Recruit banner work:

  • There is 'pity' and it's set at 200 pulls,

    • basically do 200 pulls > get 200 Golden Milage Tickets > exchange them for Helm in the shop,

  • The rate to get Helm is 2% while all the other SSR characters are clumped into another 2%, so it means the total rate for an SSR character is 4% - same as the regular banner,

  • The banner will last for 2 weeks,

  • You can't use the Regular Tickets on Helm's banner, but you can use both Free and Paid gems,

  • Helm will be added to the Regular Banner pool and Molds somewhere in December. This means she won't be a limited character forever, but only for a month or so.

  • Unused Golden Mileage Tickets will carry over to the next banner, so if you for example do 100 pulls (and get 100 Tickets in the result) and pull Helm with your 100th one, you just gained 100 Tickets that you can use on the NEXT banner.

New event - No Caller ID

A piece of suspicious information comes from the surface where no man resides. To investigate the case, the Counters start searching the surface.

Clear stages to get growth materials. Complete event quests or use designated characters for a chance to get the quest item [Toy Signal Tower]. Clear stages with the designated character also get a chance to win the quest item [Toy Signal Tower].

[Toy Signal Tower] can be used to exchange for Recruit Vouchers, research materials and other rewards in the Event Shop.

Event Period: Opening time of Server on November 10, 2022 ~ 4:59:59, November 24, 2022 (UTC+9)

The first event is also here and it looks like not only we are getting a new story already, but also a shop where we can get some free goodies!

Rapi, Neon, and Anis belong to the Counters squad and it looks like you you will need to use them in your team to maximize the rewards from the event. So make sure to throw them into your Synchro Device for the duration of the event.

New mode - Coordinated Operation

A real-time coordination mode where 5 commanders join hands and fight the BOSS:Alteisen MK.VI. You can challenge Coordinated Operation with friends, guild members or other players via Automatic Matching.

Alteisen obtained from defeating the boss can be used to exchange for Gems and development resources in the Recycling Shop.

Event Period: 12:00:00 November 11, 2022 ~ 23:59:59, November 13, 2022 (UTC+9)

Exchange for rewards in Shop from: 12:00 November 11, 2022 ~ 10:00:00, November 19, 2022 (UTC+9)

This is basically the coop event where you can either try doing it solo or matchmake with random people and try to kill the boss. The more damage you do, the better the rewards!

Now that we know how pity and banners work in NIKKE, what do you think about the system? Let me know in the comments!



Wednesday, 09 November 2022