1000th day special interview with the developers!

To celebrate the 1000th day of Counter Side, a special interview with the Director of StudioBside was released. Check the translation inside!


You can find the original interview here: Nexon Forum. I won't translate it word for word, because it's massive and instead I will extrapolate the most important information.

The interview was conducted with Park Sang-yeon, the director at StudioBside who took this position more than a year ago and he currently oversees most of the things related to Counter Side.

Balancing System

After the balancing issues that caused a lot of issues earlier this year, a special team was created that only focuses on testing characters and keeping things balanced as much as possible - in both PVE and PVP.

When the Balance Team was first formed, the director was worried about potential issues that could arise and that instead of making the balancing process smoother, they would only complicate things. But after a few months, the balancing process was integrated with the development process and thanks to the feedback received on various stages, they can catch various issues way earlier. Though the frequent revisions sometimes cause them to forget about properly explaining some of the mechanics when a new character or content is released - and they apologize for it and plan to make it even better.

New PVP content is in the works, but they want to make sure the current PVP environment is as balanced as possible. Until the 3rd anniversary (coming in February) they plan to fully focus on improving both the Strategy and Ranked battles first.

On top of the Balance Team introduction, there exists a special chat called Suggestions where everyone working at the company can suggest improvements or new things they would like to see introduced to Counter Side. All suggestions are then reviewed by the Team Leaders and if for example is easy to implement and it would make the players' lives easier, we put it on top of our to-do list.

The director also apologizes for some of the recent issues that they overlooked like the description of MDL not being updated to reflect the changes made to the damage formula or the initial difficulty for Dimensional Trimming being a bit too high.

Overall, they had changed their philosophy when it comes to creating new content - while they don't want to make things too difficult, making them too easy is also what worries them. If the players can just clear everything instantly without struggling, then the gameplay would feel not rewarding. This is why various gimmicks were introduced in the Dimensional Trimming mode that the players had to work around in order to clear the stages. They hope that with time, finding the perfect balance between making things too easy and too difficult will come to them easier.

Story and characters

Story and characters are what the development team focuses a lot on because they know that players eagerly await the next steps in the story. And to finish Season 2 (Ep 9.5) with a bang and to make the start of Season 3 really impactful, they even hired a video producer to provide better content.

Starting from Season 3 (Ep 10), the way the new content is presented will be changed, because they feel that the current form limits them too much.

The next Awakened character will be released in January, but for the first time ever they will reveal who it is in an offline event. And it will happen really soon - Anime x Game Festival starts on the 3rd of December and StudioBside will be there.

Also, considering they used Rosaria's image in this section of the interview, maybe this means she will be the next awakened character?

Also, Kim Chulsoo will receive his Rearm in November and it will be introduced with a new story event - Counters Saga - that is set way in the past before the first Administration Failure.

Art and skins

This year, the art team pushed what they can do with the skins to the absolute limit. And similar to the Suggestions chat for improvements, there exists a similar one where skins ideas are shared. And actually, Titan bikini skin appears there quite often!

There's also a chance that some of the unique art prepared for Cafe Strega will be turned into skins as a lot of players already requested.

Upcoming 3rd Anniversary

Counter Side will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in February and with the game becoming older, the distance between the old and new players constantly increases. This is why starting with the 3rd Anniversary update they want to improve the new player experience and make it easier for them to catch up to older players.

Overall, while the development team is happy with the current state of the game, they know they have to continue to evolve so the game keeps being enjoyable to current users and new users will be eager to try it.



Thursday, 17 November 2022