11/01 SEA Patch notes - Levia Thanis and Militia Rerun!

Levia Thanis has made her stop at SEA region.

11/01 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Side Story] The Militia is back! Complete the hard mode to get Kang Minwoo Unit Data!

  2. [Challenge] New Challenge: ALT Squad, Assemble Unlocked!

  3. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Levia Thanis! (Jan.11 - Feb.22)

  4. [Recruit] Operator Sigma & Momo Probability UP!

  5. [Recruit] Ella & Biblide Luce Added to Recruit-on-Demand Banner.

  6. [Shop] Added Basic Training Growth Package, Advanced Training Growth Package, Salary Negotiation Growth Package & Talent Development Package.

  7. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

New character - Levia Tanis

Levia Tanis is the first Defender with Perfect Evasion - which basically makes her immortal for its duration unless you counter it with counterattacks / stuns. But even if you overcome it, she still has MDL that every SSR Defender gets as a secondary line of defense.

She probably has one of the most broken passive in the game - Noncancelable Perfect evasion, while debuffing enemies HIT up to 75%, and most importantly dealing 10% HP as true damage to enemies attacking her. This reflection damage is not mitigated by any DMG RES or defense, allowing her to reduce even the tankiest awakened defenders to half HP within a very short period.

In terms of holding the frontline, she is also pretty reliable since her special, and passive has a dash to keep her infront, while she ignores most of hitstuns and knockbacks due to high base Evasion. Keep in mind that her passive stance can be countered, or she can be stunned out of it. Should you buy her?

Yes! If you are serious about PVP.



Wednesday, 11 January 2023