12/12 KR Patch Notes - character buffs!

Awakened Shiyoon and Curian received buffs in this week's KR patch!

Patch Notes

While this week's KR patch notes were pretty bare as no new character or content was released, they contained a pretty surprising buff to two characters: Awakened Shiyoon and Curian.

We already updated their profiles with the changes, but you can also check them below.

Awakened Shiyoon

  • Special skill gained the ability to hit Air units,

  • Special skill stun increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds,

  • Special skill decreases Shiyoon S. Haste by 25% now instead of 50% after using the skill,

  • Ultimate skill deals extra damage to enemies based on their current HP (15% additional damage).


  • Special now reduces the cooldown of the Ult based on the number of allies on the battlefield - 1 second reduction per 2 allies (up to 10stacks),

  • Special now gives ASPD to Curian based on the number of allies on the battlefield - 10% ASPD for 8 seconds is the base then it's 2% for each ally (can be stacked up to 10 times).

Additional information

Some of you asked why the characters released in KR last week aren't available on the website yet or why we are lagging behind in adding the reviews for characters released before that.

The reason is caused by the work we are doing on the Counter Side database - when we initially set it up for the game, we did it in a non-optimal way and the database became too bloated. We are now trimming things down and the work should be finished this week. After that, we will add the missing reviews and characters.

We're sorry for the delay.



Monday, 12 December 2022