13/10 Global Patch Notes - Bottom of the Shade event!

The Bottom of the Shade event that introduces Rita and Dash will be released this week!

13/10 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 13th of October, 2022 16:00 ~ 17:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

New event

Bottom of the Shade event by many is considered one of the most emotional events, so prepare yourself and don't miss the story!

The event comes with a shop and you can also farm Dash Unit Data from it and she's a pretty decent PVE character.

New characters

Rita Arsenico


Rita is a flying supporter that, just like Regina, has a grudge against Mechs. She's one of the best characters to counter Mecha teams in PvP, and well, almost any other teams in PvP. A patch once buffed her ATK by about 30% - along with her being an Air unit that ignores Ground Res, and having a True DMG passive to ignore DEF, she absolutely nukes units that don't have MDL.

As for PvE, while ignoring Ground Res isn't as great, she is still a great pick in stages where you need Air units or Anti-Mech units.

  • PVE: S

  • PVP (SEA): S

  • PVP (Global): S

Should you pull?

Yes! She's a great character that will help you against Mechs, especially if you lack Regina, but also in PVP, she makes Mecha teams angry.



Dash is a PVE-only unit that shines in Raids, Guild Coop, and Danger Close because of all the debuffs she provides and because of being a sniper - all those operators with sniper employee required in their skill trigger order love her.

  • PVE: A

  • PVP (SEA): D

  • PVP (Global): B

Should you pull?

You don't need to! You can farm her from the event.



Lucid summons two CO and focuses on buffing them. Hansel is a flying Ranger that hovers behind her and Gretel is a Striker that rushes to the front. The CO classes are important because the majority of Lucid's damage comes from them - so picking her for stages where you need Sniper damage is pretty pointless and you should think about her as more of a hybrid employee.

In PVE, while her damage is pretty good, you have to remember that most of the damage comes from her summons. And while one of them flies safely near Lucid, the other rushes to the front, where it can get killed - which will drastically decrease her damage output. Also, the summons do not inherit Lucid's gear which would help the melee summon survive longer, but on the other hand, if your Xiao lacks gear, Lucid can do better than her.

So while after the buffs, Lucid is finally worth using, keep in mind that even in an optimal situation where here summons survive the whole battle, she still deals less damage than Xiao or Kestrel Xiao.

Sadly, she's just too squishy to be used in PVP. You can easily Kang her and you've just basically wasted 4 deployment resources.

  • PVE: B

  • PVP (SEA): D

  • PVP (Global): D

Should you pull?

Not really. There are better Snipers for PVE and in PVP she is simply terrible.

New content

List of new content released (or unlocked) this week:

  • New Raid Season - Inhibitor,

  • Shadow Palace Floor 5 - we will upload our guide for this floor soon,

  • Relic Dungeons Rooms 2-4 - well, good luck to everyone!



Wednesday, 12 October 2022