13/12 Patch Notes - Laurel released!

After today's maintenance, Laurel will be released in the Global version of Artery Gear.

Patch notes

You can check the full patch notes here:

New character - Laurel

Laurel is the coolest dragon around. A very potent tank with the ability to give all allies a barrier from the start of the battle. This alone can be a big tide-turner in PvP helping other units survive. On top of that, Laurel brings AoE dispel, but she can also back it up with Provoke/Taunt - this makes her even better in PVP.

Another great thing about her is the S2 counterattack (only on a 1 round cooldown) which she can use to put out crucial Attack Down debuffs to key targets. Another reason is that currently in the CN environment she can team up with other units to create some big barrier stacking, allowing your DPS to take an onslaught of damage and survive.

Should you pull her?

If you're in dire need of a tank for PVP, she's great!

New UE

Three characters will receive their Unique Weapons in this patch:

  • Hokuto

  • Benny

  • Shura

We adjusted the ratings of the characters to include their UE!



Tuesday, 13 December 2022