14/12 Archeland Patch Notes - new event and banners!

The first update for Archeland is here! With it comes a new event and new banners!


You can find the patch notes here.

Maintenence time: 2022.12.14 09:00-10:30 (GMT +9).


New limited banners

Two new limited banners will be added to the game and both will last for a week:

  • Claphare

  • Atum

New event - Immortal Knight's Poem

The first event will be released and it's coming with its own map! The map will consist of 8 stages that will unlock over time and at the end, a special challenge stage awaits you.

Among the numerous rewards (materials, Revelation Stones, etc) obtainable in the event you will find the shards for Capet - the SSR Warrior! This means if you gather enough of them, you will get a free copy of him.

The event will last for 2 weeks.

New event - Mercenary's Path part 2

The second week of quests for the newbie event will be released and the top reward this time will be the Unique Weapon for Clarice!

New packs

A lot of new packs will become available in the shop that will allow you to buy Pull Tickets, Runes, and other goodies.

Bug fixes

Nothing major was fixed with this patch, mostly some translation issues.



Tuesday, 13 December 2022