15/02 Patch Notes - Bug fixes!

This week's update won't introduce any new content instead it focuses on bug fixes!


Here are the links to the patch notes and bug fixes.

Patch Notes

The game server will be offline for maintenance and updates on February 15, 2023. Expected maintenance duration: 10:00:00 – 15:00:00, February 15, 2023 (UTC +9)

  1. New 5-Day Login Event (From the end of February 15, 2023 maintenance to 23:59:59 February 21, 2023 (UTC+9)).

  2. New packages will be available after the February 15, 2023 maintenance.

  3. Bug Fixes & Misc. Updates

Known Issues and Status Updates

Issues to be fixed by February 22nd
  1. The issue where “Bastion Cube” is shown as “Resilience Battery” when the game is set in English, German, or Thai.

  2. The issue where Modernia’s position is skewed to the left in shooting scenes.

  3. The issue where reload occurs repeatedly after Max. Ammunition Capacity buff is dispelled.

  4. The issue where the character does not take cover while reloading and gets shot.

  5. The issue where reload happens right after cartridge clips are used up.

  6. The issue where the background image is displayed abnormally under SD character mode of view mode.

  7. The issue where Union chat logs cannot be viewed due to errors occurring under certain circumstances.

  8. The issue where the special attack (red remark) of Grave Digger cannot be shot.

  9. The issue where a revived Nikke’s HP does not fit the skills’ description after Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Burst Skill Blue Butterfly’s Slumber and/or Rapunzel’s Burst Skill Garden of Shangri-La are used.

  10. The issue where the pop-up about claiming rewards repeatedly shows up in Union when Union rewards are already claimed.

  11. The issue where Noise’s and Rapunzel’s HP are displayed abnormally in the Arena.

  12. The issue where the actual duration of Vesti's Burst Skill is shorter than what's indicated on the tooltip.

Other Issues
  1. The issue where in-game icons are displayed as Exia’s avatar under certain circumstances. [This occurs when some icons are not loaded due to weak connection or fluctuations in internet connection. Please check again after your connection returns to normal.] 

  2. The issue where the damage output of certain characters differs according to the FPS. [We have confirmed the problem and are currently fixing the issue.]

  3. The issue where “Failed to sync combat information” appears after the battle ends, followed by the game restarting. [The fix is taking longer than expected due to the problem’s complexity. Although the issue cannot be fully eliminated in the meantime, we will continuously make improvements to gradually mitigate it]

  4. The issue where the highest number of Union members exceeds the maximum number allowed (30 people). [Fixed the instance where the number of Union members exceeds the maximum limit. The maximum number of Union members allowed will be adjusted to 32.]



Monday, 13 February 2023