15/03 Patch notes - new characters and 50 free pulls event!

Two new characters will be released with this week's update - Ygg and Zelvi.


You can find the patch notes here.

The maintenance will last longer this time - roughly 5 hours.

New character - Ygg

Ygg is a Wind Mage who specializes in AOE damage and buffing allies - mainly by increasing their mobility and crit chance. She also possesses a Leader skill that requires an Assassin and Priest to trigger and gives increased damage dealt by allies who are buffed with mobility increase.

You can see her in action in this video.

New character - Zelvi

Zelvi is a Dark Assassin who can ignore enemy Escort skills and deal Fixed Damage. She also deals increased damage to Mages, making her a good backline character that can easily take them down.

You can see her in action in this video.

Free pulls

From 15th March to 19th March by simply login into the game every player will obtain 10 free pulls - so total of 50 pulls. You will be able to use the pulls on any currently active banner, excluding the newbie one.

New Event - Faun's Picnic

A special event will be released with this update that will have both normal story stages and a boss stage. You will be able to obtain pulls, Stones of Creation, limited borders and badges!

New SSR equipment

Three new SSR equipment will be added - 1 helm, 1 armor, and 1 accessory.


1. Added a one-time achievement that allows you to earn gold upon completion

2. Increases the amount of diamonds obtainable from 15 diamonds to 30 diamonds when completing the daily mission 'A Faithful Day'

3. Increased the number of EXP potions obtainable in the underground arena

4. Added a function to pause the battle record in the knight tournament and space-time arena

5. Skip function added to boss stages excluding the final boss in Infinite Dream

6. Guild recruitment channel added in chat system

7. Added sorting function according to 'potential' among the rune sorting functions

8. Optimize notification timing with enchantment

9. Segmentation of buttons on the package screen in the store

10. Added an effect when gifting flowers to a hero

11. When gifting flowers to a hero, add a mark to flowers that have never been gifted

12. Equipment encyclopedia optimization. Permanent activation of equipment with acquisition history after update is complete. However, due to lack of data, equipment that has been disassembled after acquisition before the update and is not owned will be activated when acquired again.

13. Lowered the difficulty of some stages in Dimensional Boundary

14. Lowered the difficulty of some stages of the Secret Boundary

15. Increased the number of turns in some stages in the Bounty Black Market

16. Decreased the points required to obtain rewards in the 2nd week of the Mercenary's Journey

17. Hero 'Hellsen' skill balance adjustment. Adjusted the buff [Toughness I] to [Strong Faith I] in the skill 'Captain's Cry'.Tenacity I: Physical damage immunity +10% → Strong conviction I: Magic damage immunity +10%

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue in Promised Land-Garden where pest removal missions were displayed as failed even after completion in some situations.

2. Fixed an issue where dark attribute monsters appeared on the 10th turn in Aris's Den - The Holy Land of Corruption.

3. Fixed the issue where a notification is displayed when the Dog Island is not unlocked.

4. Fixed the problem that the game speed is restored to normal speed when restarting the game after activating acceleration mode.



Tuesday, 14 March 2023