15/11 KR Patch Notes - New character + balance changes

Luna, another member of the Elysium Philharmonic faction will be released tomorrow in the KR region!

New character - Luna

  • Type: Counter / C.O.

  • Role: Defender

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Air

Basic Attack - 1 valid hit

Unleashes shockwaves with the trumpet, dealing damage to a single enemy

Passive - First Call

Luna announces her appearance and starts performing in the air, but she doesn't appear to have any intentions of fighting in the battle. While Luna is on the battlefield, she absorbs 30% of the damage taken by all allied units. When Luna dies, she deals damage to nearby enemies and knocks them into the air.

At level 5, recovers 1 Deployment Resource when an allied Elysium Philharmonic member dies.

Special - It Does Not Hurt If You Are Hit! - 22 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

In order to encourage allies, she fires a note of protection into the ground. When the note lands, nearby allies receive a Barrier equal to 10% of HP for 6 sec. (Up to 2 stacks). Enemies hit by the note take damage.

At level 5, the Barrier lasts for 12 sec instead.

Ultimate - March Of The Forgotten - 42 seconds cooldown - 4 valid hits

Luna becomes immersed in her music and starts performing in a trance. While performing, she grants all allies 20% DMG RDC. Enemies within range take damage 4 times before being launched and knocked back

At level 5, grants 40% DMG RDC instead.

Here's how Luna looks like:

Balance changes

Two characters and two ships received balance changes in this patch.

Hayami Kanade

  • Deployment cost reduced from 4 to 3,

  • All stats reduced by 8%,

Sunshower Charge - Passive
  • Level 5 of the skill has been changed. Now Hayami additionally gains 2s Perfect Evasion after using the Passive.


  • Passive stacks are now permanent

Parasite Toto - Passive
  • The additional damage has been changed to affect targets with more than 50% HP (was less than 60% HP before).

Toto's Roar - Special
  • Level 5 of the skill has been changed to reduce the cooldown of the skill when an enemy has been killed by 2 seconds (was 1 second).

Endless Hunger - Ultimate
  • The additional damage has been changed to affect targets with more than 50% HP (was less than 60% HP before).

Enterprise: Carrier Type

  • Ultimate casting speed increased by 20%

  • Ultimate gained a new effect: Damaged enemies have 30% reduced skill haste for 10s.

Gleipnir: Pod Type

  • Passive instead of giving % EVA, now gives flat EVA -+350 EVA on max level.

  • Ultimate DMG Taken debuff has been increased from 8s to 12s.

You can find the original patch notes here.



Monday, 14 November 2022