15/12 Global Patch Notes - Militia joins the battle!

Three characters from the Militia faction will be added with tomorrow's update in the Global version of Counter Side.

15/12 Global Patch Notes

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

List of things added with this update

  • New Battle Pass - Choi Jihoon

  • New character - Lee Yuri

  • New character - Kang Minwoo

  • New event - The Militia

  • New challenge - Let's go ARS!

New characters

Three new characters will be added with this patch. One will be locked behind Battle Pass, the second is on the banner and the third will be free from the event.

Choi Jihoon

Jihoon is a sniper who has pretty low damage but provides tons of utility to the team.

In PVE he's mostly used as a buffer or in Shadow Palace to perma seal enemies there (they're not bosses, so it works on them). If only his passive skill worked on bosses he would be perfect for Guild Coop, but sadly it only silences normal enemies.

In PVP he can be used to counter A.Yuna and other frontline skill-heavy units because he can perma seal their skills which makes them far easier to kill. He also blinds, removing hitstun from the enemy frontline's attacks. Also, his backline enhanced attack deals pretty well with Snipers like Replacer Queen that love to hide behind everyone else.

  • PVE - B

  • PVP (SEA) - B

  • PVP (Global) - A

Should you get his BP?

Choi Jihoon is a decent character, but he isn't must have anywhere. Still, the BP rewards are always worth it if you can afford to buy it.

Lee Yuri

Lee Yuri is an anti-counter unit that not only does 40% increased damage to them, but she can instantly kill 2 counter units that are below 30% HP with her ult. The skill combined with her low cost makes her top tier in PVP. She is often used in Soldier teams with Kang Minwoo.

She's average in PVE beside Shadow Palace (because counters as PVE enemies are found mostly there).

  • PVE - C

  • PVP (SEA) - S

  • PVP (Global) - S

Should you pull her?

Don't think she will have a big impact on the Global server PVP meta as she's released pretty late compared to other servers. If you're a PVE player, she's a skip.

Kang Mingwoo

Minwoo is a PVP-oriented tank that can tank Counters quite well but dies almost instantly to Admin Riflemen, Ifrit, and Awakened Horizon. This makes him week-dependent, but when his counters are banned, he not only tanks but also shares a Counter res buff to allied soldiers (and Lee Yuri if she's on the team). He also does % based damage to enemies excluding Mechs using his skill. His only problem as a Counter tank is his lack of MDL but he costs rather cheap anyway so he can easily be redeployed.

  • PVE - D

  • PVP (SEA) - A

  • PVP (Global) - A

Should you pull him?

You don't need to, since he is free from the Militia event.



Wednesday, 14 December 2022