16/03 Patch Notes - Aki is here!

"Let me show you the most dazzling cherry blossom!" Blooming Sword, Aki is slated for release on March 16!


A skilled problem solver who roams around Gaon solving numerous cases, Aki the master of Gaon swordsmanship possessing unparalleled combat skills arrives. Meet Aki and slash your way through your adventures in Eden!

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New Soul - Aki

  • Humanlike / Dexterity / Striker / Assassination.

  • You can find her skills on her profile here.

  • Aki's Pick-Up Summon event will start. There's a higher chance of getting Aki through the event.

    • Pick-up Period: March 16 00:00 UTC—March 29, 23:59 UTC

  • You may obtain Aki through any Soul-summoning methods including Normal Summon, Friendship Summon, Choice Summon, Soul's Memory (Epic), etc.



  • Mini game pop up window's Retry button will be changed not to overlap with the attack button.

  • Survival Points will be added (max 300,000 points)

  • Mini Game's Helper Soul and monster AI will change.

    • Helper Soul will roam around the player and when the enemy comes into range, attack the targets.

    • If the monster is attacked, it will change its target to the attacker.

    • Helper Soul's target search delay will be removed. (Previously it was 1 sec.).

    • Controlling Characters will now be able to Roll while being hit.

  • Mini Game's monster gimmick (the Area of Effect skill) balance will be changed.

    • Before change: 1 cast every 5 sec. from after 45 sec.

    • After change: 1 cast every 10 sec. from after 60 sec.

[Love Story]

  • An error where illustrations could not be acquired while progressing through Miriam’s Love Story will be fixed.



Tuesday, 14 March 2023