16/11 SEA Patch Notes - 1.5 anniversary is here!

The 1.5 anniversary festivities will start this week in SEA! 150 free pulls, awakened banner reruns and more!

16/11 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] Main Stream EP.9 (ACT.3-4) Unlocked!

  2. [Event] 1.5-year Special Event Mission Unlocked! Complete all the missions to get a dorm decoration-Celebration Cake!

  3. [Attendance] 1.5-year Special Punch In! (2022-11-16~2022-12-16)

  4. [Recruit] 150 Consecutive Free Recruits! (10 Free Recruits a day, up to 150 Free Recruits during the event!)

  5. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Maestra Nequitia/Cold Case Horizon/Arhat Joo Shiyoon/Evolved One/Six Wings Na Yubin/Stormbringer Jake Walker/Integral Ministra Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Carmen & Shena Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Grendel Added to Recruit-on-Demand Banner.

  8. [Shop] Added T7 Exceed Tuner Package Vol. 1, 2 &3, 1.5-year Ensured Ship Construction Package, 1.5-year Awakened Employee Recruitment Package Vol. 1 & 2, 1.5-year Special Step-up Package (Related Products including 3 free packages and 3 cash packages).

  9. [Shop] Added Hyper Level-up Package, Hyper Skill Training Package & Hyper Limit Break Package.

  10. [Voice Language] New Japanese Voice for 3 employees: Sky Layfield, Kaci Bins, Arti Lana and 4 skins: Naielle Bluesteel-Fierce Ace, Alex-Lethal Guardian, Yang Harim-Cheerful Commentator, Sky Layfield-Blooming Blue.

  11. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

150 free pulls banner

Another 150 free pulls banner is upon us! May the RNG be on your side while pulling!

You can see what characters are available on the banner in the post's cover image.


There are no new banners this week, but as usual, during anniversaries, they rerun most of the recently awakened characters. So now's your best chance to pull someone who you're missing!



Tuesday, 15 November 2022