17/11 Global Patch Notes - For The Uncrying!

The continuation of one of the best events arrives to Global sooner than expected! And with it come three new characters!

17/11 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 17th of November, 2022 16:00 ~ 17:30 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

New event - For the Uncrying

This event continues the storyline introduced with the Horizon Finance event, one of the most emotional events released so far in Counter Side! Enjoy.

New character - Horizon

Horizon is the next battle pass that will start after tomorrow's update.


Horizon is a mecha character that has a berserk state, similar to Alex. Her knockback allows her to easily control the battlefield and keep the enemies away from her - which is good because her stats aren't that great compared to other tanks. At least in her non-berserk form.

Her knockbacks work a bit differently from other employees too. The distance the enemies are pushed away from her is far bigger than similar skills used by other employees. This combined with her special skill, allows her to push the whole enemy team to their ship in mere seconds.

It's worth noting that she's not as tanky as other defenders, even with the 5% MDL she gains in her berserk state. Also if the enemy has barrier or buff removers and her barrier gets eaten, she's a sitting duck and dies easily. Still, in most cases, it won't matter because she has usually already finished her job by pushing enemies back which should earn you an easy victory in PVP.

Horizon is also quite good in PVE where she gives Overflow a run for his money, especially in full mecha teams that recently became popular in Shadow Palace 5.

  • PVE - A

  • PVP (SEA) - S

  • PVP (Global) - S

Should you buy her BP?

Battle Pass is always worth buying even if the character inside is bad, but Horizon is actually a good one, so if you can afford the BP - buy it for sure!

New character - Shena


Shena is a melee sniper who kills enemies with music. She's a CRIT-reliant character and to unleash her full potential, the gods of rng need to be on your side. When she was initially released, she was pretty weak, but after both she and Maestra received some buffs, she is now decent when playing the Elysion Philharmonic faction team in PVP. Still, outside of it and in the majority of PVE content, she's just terrible.

  • PVE - D

  • PVP (SEA) - B

  • PVP (Global) - C

Should you pull Shena?

Nope. Meastra Nequitia isn't available in the Global region and this won't change anytime soon. And without her, Shena is simply bad.

New character - Janus


Janus is one of the only two employees in the game that can change its type in the middle of the battle. He starts as an air Ranger that has pretty low attack speed, but each shot chunks the HP of whoever he hits. But when his HP falls below a certain threshold, he transforms into a ground Defender.

There is a major problem with this design principle though - you can't gear both modes separately. Either you choose him to be a nuke in the air and half a nuke on the ground, or a tank in the air and a tank on the ground. His HP is rather bad though, so often when he is used it's the first option.

Also for some reason, the transform does damage. Enough to chunk enemies if he's built offensively.

  • PVE - A

  • PVP (SEA) - B

  • PVP (Global) - A

Should you pull Janus?

Honestly, with how many characters we have already available in Global, Janus isn't a must-pull anymore.

New operator - Rachel Dodds

Rachel is a pretty niche operator that works only with certain comps, but even then the buff she provides isn't that good. This makes her not a popular pick.

Overall, you should never pull on Operator banners unless you are a spender.

New skins - Bunny Girl Finance!

Three new skins will be added to the game with this patch! Rita, Dash, and Horizon fans should be happy with their arrival.



Wednesday, 16 November 2022