18/01 Developer Notes - Union Raids and Viper Skills

The latest developer notes talk about Union Raids, Viper's skill, character balance, bugfixes and more!


You can check the developer notes by going here.

Union Raids

After a long wait, Union Raids are finally coming and are expected to start on January 27th! The Union Raid is a seasonal mode centered around bosses, and each season will last for 7 days. 

The Union Raid reward - Union Chip, and the Union Shop will also be in effect officially.

Co-op Battle Rankings

Due to the popularity of Co-op battles, the developers are looking into implementing a ranking system for Co-op battles, which is estimated to be delivered in a month.

In order to keep the playing field leveled for non-competitive players, the developers plan only very few adjustments to the reward types and gameplay. This includes an addition of a ranking reward.

Bug Fixes and Feature Updates

  • Implemented:

    • Horizontal screen orientation option.

    • Liberation system.

    • Live Wallpaper.

  • Under Investigation:

    • Different device models having different damage output,

    • Grave Digger's attack cannot be intercepted in the Interception.

    • Infinite loading during PVP under certain circumstances.

    • Resurrection skills of Rapunzel and Anne: Miracle Fairy at 1 HP etc.

  • New character(s) information will be supplemented in more detail. 

Character Rebalance

Characters with low usage will be re-evaluated and balance adjustments will be made to improve their usability with priority given to

  • Machine Gun Weapon Nikkes

  • Sub Machine Gun Weapon Nikkes

  • Defense Reduction Effect Nikkes

Free Goodies

A small gift for all commanders to be distributed today:

  • Advanced Recruit Vouchers x 5

  • Credit Case (12H) x 1

  • Battle Data Set Case (12H) x 1

  • Core Dust Case (12H) x 1

  • Ultra Boost Module x 30

Viper Skills Explanation

Viper’s Skill 1: Snake Sense - “when the target appears”

  • “Target” refers to the final target Rapture in the stage. As players can clear the stage after defeating the target, the skill can also be used in most PvE gameplay, including Interception. However, please note that there are no targets in two special types of stages: Defense Battle and Base Defense.

Viper’s Skill 2 Effect - Vamp

  • Basic way to activate the effect: The Nikke will not be targeted by the enemy while the skill is in effect, so she cannot become the target of all single-target attacks. While Vamp is in effect, the target of the enemies’ single-target attack will change to other characters. However, attacks that are already launched cannot be canceled, so they can undo the Vamp effect.

  • Effect Scope:

    • Single-target attacks include attacks launched at 1 enemy target or 1 Nikke. Most Rapture attacks and certain Nikke skills (such as attacks often launched by other Nikkes in PvP) are included.

    • Normal attacks by Nikkes are also included. Although ordinary attacks cannot be launched at a character under Vamp effect, the effect can be undone when she is attacked by weapons with AoE such as a rocket launcher.

    • Skills that enhance shooting, such as Snow White and Maxwell’s Burst Skills, also cannot be cast on a character under Vamp effect. Although Modernia’s Burst Skill cannot target a character under Vamp, she can still deal damage with her Burst Skill’s AoE attack.

  • To Undo Effect: After a certain duration, this effect will be undone. However, Vamp can still be interrupted halfway through its intended duration under the following circumstances:

    • The effect will be undone when a Nikke suffers a direct attack. This can easily happen when she is struck by an attack meant to target 2 or more people. If she suffers a single-target attack before Vamp takes place, the effect will also be undone. If she suffers shared damage or incidental damage from a continuous attack, the effect will remain in place.

    • When all other allies perish while Vamp is in effect, it will be undone. When all other allies have already perished, Vamp cannot be activated.



Wednesday, 18 January 2023