18/01 SEA Patch notes - Main Stream 9.5 and Enterprise Quad!

Packed update for SEA region as it gets Main Strem Chapter 9.5, Dimensional Trimming and Enterprise Quad.

18/01 SEA Patch Notes

[New Content]

  1. [Operation] Main Stream EP. 9.5 - The Compassionate and the Heartless Unlocked!

  2. [World Map] Dimension Trimming Starts! (Join the operation to get materials used to make new Relic Gear after passing EP.8)

  3. [Side Story] Unbreakable Flowers is back! Complete the hard mode to get Unit Data Mone!

  4. [Ship] New Ship - Enterprise Quad Available for Construction!

  5. [Challenge] New Challenge: Maid's Virtues!

  6. [Attendance] New Year's Punch In! (2023-01-18~2023-02-01)

  7. [Mission] New Year's Event Mission Unlocked!

  8. [Event] Circuit Link System Unlocked!

  9. [Event] Nicole's Cocktail Catering Service Starts! Give cocktails to Gremory and get VIP rewards! (You can get cocktail ingredients by sending Momo out on errands or buy them from the shop.)

  10. [Recruit] 50 Consecutive Free Recruits! (5 Free Recruits a day, up to 50 Free Recruits during the event!)

  11. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Six Wings Na Yubin/Hilde: Siegfried Type Probability UP!

  12. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Veronica/Lily/Lee Yuri/Choi Jihoon Probability UP!

  13. [Shop] Added Weekly Resource Package, T7 Exceed Tuner Package Vol.1/2/3, Ship Launch Special Package.

  14. [Shop] Purchase Count of First-time Payment Package I/II/III/IV/V is reset!

  15. [Voice] New Japanese Voice for 13 characters (Jaina Kropel, Awakened Jake Walker, Carlota Martinez, Liona, Dorothy, Raphaela Juri, Awakened Shin Jia, Grendel, Moena, Gremory, Nicole, Momo, Amy Firstwing ) and 8 skins (Awakened Seo Yoon - Unkempt Melody, Awakened Lee Sooyeon - Kind Soloist, Eujin - Cultured Beast, Shin Jia - Pearl in the City, Orca - Honeyed Carnelian, Awakened Hilde - Opal of Rough Melody, Awakened Yoo Mina - Iolite of Determination, Veronica - Private Cabin Party)


  1. Adjusted Gauntlet rules.

    • Added indication of awakening character placed outside the screen in Ranked Battle.

    • Optimized Ranked Battle matching rules to ensure quick matching of opponents and avoid duplicate matching of the same opponent.

    • When the Ranked Battle starts, automatic battle will be forced to open after no deployment unit for a long time.

  2. Optimized the rules of Trophy locking. A Trophy will be locked by default when it is first obtained.

  3. Improved employee balance.

    1. Awakened Shiyoon and Curian received their buffs. You can check the details about them on their profiles.

Enterprise Quad

Enterprise Quad is a good offensive ship for teams revolving around Counter Units as its skill packs a punch damage wise and skill 2, in particular, is quite useful in PVP for gathering opponents together and then delaying their skills with -20% skill haste.

In Britra raid with the right setup and timing, you can use Quad to cancel both its skills at phase change.

Dimension Trimming

While initially the mode was super hard and required specific teams to beat, it was nerfed around a month after release in the KR server and now it's way easier to clear.

We are currently working on a guide for this mode and it should be released later today!



Tuesday, 17 January 2023