21/12 Archeland Patch Notes - Christmas event!

Another weekly update in Archeland comes with new banners and new events!


You can find the patch notes here.

Maintenence time: 2022.12.21 09:00-10:30 (GMT +9).


  • New banner - Ibn Attar

  • New banner - Peacock

  • New event - Dog Island

  • New event - Operation of Fire and Snow

  • New event - Lucky Roulette

  • New limited packages - Christmas


New limited banners

Two new limited banners will be added to the game and both will last for a week:

  • Ibn Attar

  • Peacock

New event - Dog Island

This event will be available only for players that reached team level 33 and you can actually already access it in-game. The event will consist of both normal and hard stages and for clearing those you will obtain Seals of Joy which can be used to buy pretty great stuff in the event shop - including 2 SSR gear pieces:

Also, it seems that some characters will be 'promoted' in this event and if you use them, they will gain additional stats. Still, we don't know yet who will be among the promoted characters.

New event - Operation of Fire and Snow

The Christmas celebration in Archeland will consist of three events:

  • Each day we will receive a set of missions and for completing them, you will get a token needed to play the Christmas mini-game. No details are yet known about both the mini-game and the rewards,

    • event period: 21-30.12.2022

  • the number of daily additional runs where you obtain more rewards in Demon's Lair, Magical Vortex, and Academy Trial will be doubled,

    • event period: 24-27.12.2022

  • an additional expedition will become available once per day that will reward you with 3 SSR shards.

    • event period: 24-27.12.2022

New event - Lucky Roulette

In this event, you will need to spend Gems to spin the Lucky Roulette to get a chance to win tons of rewards, including SSR Accessories, Stones of Creation, and Pure Revelation Stones. Also, if you manage to get all rewards, you will obtain a special Christmas skin - sadly, we don't know whose skin it is.

Overall, this event was run pretty often in Langrisser (another game by the same developer), and there the drop rates for the Roulette event looked like that:

Please keep in mind that in Archeland both the rates and other rewards will for sure look different.



Tuesday, 20 December 2022